Think Before Download Free WordPress Themes

Sometimes we search in google for different kind of information, and also for wordpress themes and install them without any verification. But before install any theme in your website.we need to verify the publisher and author information.

Because most of people offer premium item for free because of any harm. Your downloaded free theme may contain malware or any harmful code, which can harm your website and can steel information from your website.

So we have to check every theme before use on our website. But if you have installed any already then you can check your theme now. You can check your theme in two way. One is manually check your theme code and two is a online malware scanner.

There are so many malware scanner online, but which you should use? You can search on google for a good malware scanner, and I am sharing a tools that can help you.

This is a plugin just installed it on your site and run the scan it will scan your entire theme directory and show you a good result. It will provide you a result about malicious and unwanted code on your theme.

Now you are thinking that if there is so many rules for downloading free wordpress themes, so from where i can download free wordpress themes? OK no problem I am sharing a list of trusted free wordpress theme directory.

Do not download any theme from the sites listed below:

Always avoid those site for download any free or premium wordpress themes.

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