Top 10 Best Shaving Cream for Women Reviews 2015

Do you have a hairy bikini line, hairy legs, or armpits? Are you looking for a safe and well-blended shaving cream for sensitive skin that you can use regularly without inducing razor burn? Many brands in the market meet this threshold.

Unfortunately, because of their sheer number, choosing the best one can be an arduous task. To help you make an informed decision, this article reviews top 10 of the best shaving creams for women worth buying in 2015:

10. Coochy 16 Oz Fragrance Free Shaving Cream

This Coochy shaving cream by Classic Erotic starts our review of the top 10 best shaving creams for women in 2015. If you have sensitive skin and looking for a fragrance-free shaving cream that works well, this product is among the best to use. Here are four reasons why: first, this product is very effective. Its fragrance free formula is safe and lubricates the skin well for a hassle free shaving experience. Whether you are shaving your legs, body, face, or a sensitive area such as your pubis, your razor will glide effortlessly on your skin for a smooth close shave. With it, therefore, the risk of razor burns is slim to none. The risk of nicks, cuts, and rashes is also low, if used as directed. This Coochy fragrance-free shaving cream weighs 16-ounces, lathers very well, and importantly, lasts long. You will never think of buying a replacement once you start using it.

9. Dermatologica Dermalogica Professional Shave Cream

Dermatologica Dermalogica is a quality non aerosol shaving cream, recommended for use by women. As its name suggests, its organic formula is skin-safe and recommended for women prone to developing razor burns. Armatures that are at risk of nicking their skin or women that develop unsightly rashes after shaving their bodies should also consider using this product. Its easy-to-dispense cream lathers well. It contains tea tree, orange, basial, and lavender essential oils that rejuvenate skin cells and thyme, soybean, and eucalyptol oils that soften and moisturize the skin well. This professional shave cream weighs 1.25 ounces. It is cost effective and suitable for all skin types. For best results, massage a thin film on your skin well, and then use a clean sharp razor.

8. Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream

Dermalogica Dermalogica is an ultra-lubricating soothing shaving cream that is beneficial to users in many ways. First, its well lathering fluid formula is easy to use. Its spreads easily on all areas of the body, allowing for a super close shave nearest to hair roots. This way, you do not feel sore after shaving. It also lowers the risk of nicks, does not irritate the skin, and contains soothing Allantoin, Aloe Vera, Panthenol, and Comfrey extracts that lower agglutination and hasten recovery of the skin post shaving. Finally, this cream contains antioxidants that protect against skin-aging free radicals and hyaluronic acid that revitalizes and moisturizes skin cells. Dermalogica weighs 6-ounces. It lacks artificial perfumes and color.

7. Cremo Cream Superior Shave Cream

Liked by millions of people worldwide, Cremo Cream is an advanced non aerosol shaving cream for women. It is affordable and currently a best seller in many web-based stores for these main reasons: first, its non-aerosol formula is one-of-a-kind. Unlike soaps that foam and trap a lot of air while shaving, its superior shaving cream has non-foaming yet slippery molecules that lubricate the skin well without trapping air. This allows for a close shave while lowering the risk of nicks/ cuts. It also has natural skin conditioners and a light almond scent that refreshes the skin well post shaving. Cremo Cream weighs 6 ounces and one of the most recommended brands in top 10 best shaving cream for women reviews 2015.

6. Art of Shaving Lavender Shave Cream

Art of Shaving’s line of shaving creams is among the most popular and favored brands by women worldwide. This 5-ounce cream, for instance, has a superior well-blended formula that works well on both normal and sensitive skin. It lathers well, lifts and softens hair well, and allows for a smoother shave closest to the roots. This lowers the risk of irritation and the probability of developing razor burns, no matter the area of the body you are grooming. Apart from lubricating the skin well and enhancing comfort while shaving, this organic shaving cream has coconut oil, glycerin, and many essential oils that in synergy, moisturize and smooth the skin after shaving. They also revitalize skin cells and remove skin blemishes.

5. Crazy Girl Shave Cream

Grooming sensitive areas of the body such as the groin and armpits is a major challenge for women. Whilst many shaving creams work, most contain harsh chemicals that induce hypersensitivity reactions such as itching and rashes. This is a major reason why the Crazy Girl cupcake shaving cream by Classic Erotica is among the most preferred brands in 2015. It lathers well. It soothes the skin well and has a flirty sugary fragrance (vanilla musk, cotton candy, and berries) that makes grooming fun. Finally, it works well on all skin types, lacks chemical irritants (parabens, sulphates), and rich in anti-inflammatory and skin soften agents such as vitamin B5 and jojoba seed oil. This cream weighs 8 ounces. It is erotic and fun, and ships in a tamper proof discrete packaging.

4. Trader Joe Honey Mango

Trader Joe’s Honey Mango is a unisex moisturizing shave cream fortified with vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Its formula is creamy and easy to apply on the skin. Its uniquely blended emollients lubricate the skin. They also lift and soften hairs well, maximize absorption of water, and therefore, help razor blades to glide effortlessly when shaving. This lowers irritation and the risk of nicks and cuts. Trader Joe shaving cream for sensitive skin has botanical conditioners, vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. They moisturize, nourish, and condition the skin, leaving it looking clean and radiant. This cream lasts long and is attainable as a pack of two.

3. Giovanni Shave Cream

Giovanni by Giovanni Hair Care Products is a no-fragrance Aloe Vera-based shaving cream that is suitable for women with sensitive skin. Its rich creamy formula lathers well. It is also gentle on the skin, contains natural skin moisturizers, and guarantees a close smooth shave when used. It is attainable as a pack of three 7-ounce bottles.

2. Skintimate Shave Cream for Women

For women with dry skin and looking for a good shaving cream for regular usage, this Skintimate shave cream will work wonders for you. Although simple and affordable, this creams lotionized formula lubricates the skin well. It also moisturizes and protects dry skin, leaving its soft, supple, and silky smooth. This cream is easy to use, affordable, and retails as a pack of 12 10-ounce cans.

1. Coochy Rash Free Pear Berry Shaving Cream

On our review, this rash free pear berry shaving cream by Coochy is 2015. In many top 10 best shaving cream for women reviews 2015, many women like it for its versatility. You can use it to groom your legs, or shave your armpit or pubic hair with serious consequences. It is also non-irritant and thus, best for use on sensitive skin and packaged in a 16-ounce easy-to-use pump bottle.

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