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Everyone loves to take pictures with their iPhone, but the problem is that you are limited to the capabilities that are afforded to you in the camera lens that is provided with the phone. There is a solution, and that is an added lens system can provide so many more options for taking superior pictures. If you like taking photos but don’t love the results that you get with your iPhone, you have another option and that is to add some type of exterior lens to your phone. Here we take a look at the Top 10 iPhone camera lens Reviews 2015:10. Aerb 3 in 1 180 Fisheye-Lens with Wide Angle and Macro Lens Clip Camera Photo Kit

This 3 in 1 lens is a powerful extension for your iPhone to help you create amazing pictures. There is a macro, wide angle and fisheye selection and you can take photos with your device that will be incredibly different from regular pictures taken with that same device. The lens is detachable and portable and allows you to take photos at any time. It works well on devices that are no larger than 13mm wide. The lens is made from top grade aluminum and can be applied to a variety of devices.

 9. CamKix 9 Piece Camera Lens Kit

This is a universal phone holder tripod with a variety of lenses. The wide angle lens is paired with a macro lens but it can be removed by unscrewing it to expose the macro beneath. The hard case helps the attachment of lenses easily to your iPhone without the need for adhesives which can cause damage. The mini tripod has retractable legs that allow you to adjust the camera to any position that you desire.

 8. Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit for Smart phones

The kit comes with three different lenses; the fish eye lens which works like an ultra-wide angle lens ” with this your phone will be able to capture images in the round, instead of square photos. There is also a macro lens and a wide angle lens that are combined for easy storage. The wide angle lens lets you capture large scenes and subjects so that you can easily capture a city scape or a large group shot. You can get up close to focus on all those small details that are usually missed. The clip on lens holder allows you to clip any lens over the camera of your device. You also get a microfiber carrying pouch.

 7. Neewer 3 in 1 Camera Screw-on Lens kit

Phone lenses can help you to take some amazing pictures and videos with your smart phone. The lenses included in this kit include a macro and a wide angle as well as a fish-eye. The telescope lens covers every type of main lens. This is a perfect lens set for outdoor photography and for traveling when you do not want to carry around a load of cameras and extra equipment.

 6. Olloclip lens system for iPhone 5

This lens can be attached or removed in seconds and you have the choice of a wide angle, macro or fisheye lens. There is a microfiber case that can be used as a lens cleaner too. This lens works with all of your favorite apps. This lens system with work with a variety of applications including the rear facing camera found on many smart phones.

 5. iPhone lens instant clip on attachment

Now you too can take beautiful wide angle photos with this new iPhone lens and impress everyone. Capture 60% more in every photo and use it for selfies, crowded rooms, and taking creative shots. Every picture that you shoot makes you look like a total professional. This works for iPhones and most mobile devices and tablets. Perfect for real estate agents and has a five year guarantee.

 4. Mobi-Lens Combo Pack

This combo pack offers the fish-eye lens, the macro lens and the wide angle lens in one package. This versatile lens fits over any smartphone and gives you a versatile and universal lens. The universal design was created to fit most smartphones, laptops and tablets. It should also be great for future smart devices. This clutter free design allows you to clip the lens on anything while freeing up your pocket space and was originally designed with the help of Kick-starter.

 3. YOPO 10 Sets Red Universal

There are three lenses that can help you to take the best pics possible. The device is portable and detachable and allows you to take pictures with devices at any time. There is a universal lens clip that attaches to many different devices. The materials include high class glass and top grade aluminum. Easy to carry and small enough to put into a purse or a pocket.

 2. Docooler 4 in 1 Photo Lens Kit

This is the perfect companion for your iPhone because it has a four in one lens kit with a self timer. There is a fish eye lens, a macro and a wide angle lens. The lenses are portable and can be detached so that you can take photos any time in any place. The lens can be rotated to switch from the wide angle lens to the fish eye lens. It is also possible to take a selfie using the front lens. The lens has high clarity because it is made from high class glass.

 1. iPhone 5S Camera Lens Kit

Now you have the ability to transform your iPhone into a camera using a 12x optical manual zoom in less than a minute. You simply attach it to your iPhone and onto the universal holder and you are done. Just move the focusing holder slowly to the left or to the right to adjust the position of the lens. The case has precise openings which allow you to continue to access iPhone functions while protecting it from scratches. Secure every lens with the universal holder and rotate it 360 degrees. There is a minimal focal distance of 3 meters. The black telescope lens has manual focus and a fish eye lens, macro lens and a wide angle lens. The kit includes a microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a complete instruction manual.


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