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Thermometers have been undergoing a revolutionary change, albeit at a slow pace, since decades. We, as common people, do not apprehend this change because of our ignorance of such progress and developments in science and technologies that cater to health benefits. This is because we do not like to fall ill and therefore we never spend a lot of time discussing or knowing how things are changing around us. However, we all fall ill sometime or the other and that is when we start a rapid “search and retrieve” operation to get rid of our illness. It was only at that time that we appreciate the progress made by science and technology in the health sector and their contribution to the community.

Forehead thermometers are a small segment of innovations in the field of thermal measurements, accuracy in results and adapting to changing environments and be able to produce results in these changing environments. Many manufacturers have patented different proprietary technologies which they claim to be the best in class that outperforms others. However, it is always perceived that with increasing complexity in measurement instruments, there comes an element of surprise, bad results, incorrect outputs and ultimately a wrong diagnosis. A wrong diagnosis, even in the measurement of body temperature can lead to serious problems if they are interrelated to other stuff. These are commonly useful for taking the temperature of babies and small children without any hassle or threatening them up with foreign and unknown substances.1. Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer (Model No: NTF 3000US)Product Specifications

This thermometer comes with Braun’s proprietary technology that can capture twice as much as the heat from your body to analyze and give more accurate results. It is equipped with a self-guided positioning system, which can assure a right placement every time you use it. There are a gentle LED indicator and a digital display which guides you and displays the result. The display is large enough to read properly and it is additionally equipped with color-coded indicators to track the progress of the fever. It runs on two AA sized batteries.Applications

It is easy to use and store. There is a manual  that shows the correct steps to place it, position it, know what the different indicators mean and finally read the results. There are diagrams that complement the instructions. You just need to place the thermometer on the forehead for a few seconds and it absorbs the heat instantly to show the result on the big display. This one has a “no touch” option where you do not need to touch it anywhere and its sensor absorbs the heat from a distance to show accurate results.2. Easy@Home Infrared Thermometer (Model No: NCT 301)Product Specifications

This is an FDA approved product that is suited for babies, children, and adults. It can take temperatures from a distance of 3-5cms from the center of the forehead. It can also take an object or surface temperature and room or surrounding temperature. It can be recalibrated. There are silent/sound modes for taking the temperature of your sleeping baby. It can memorize up to last 32 measurements. There is a beep and a backlight alarm in sensitive measurements. The green color seems average, orange means cautions and red means critical. It runs on 2 AAA sized batteries and is backed by lifetime hassle free guarantee.Applications

This acts as a three in one measuring instruments that gives accurate results for babies, children and adults because of its proprietary Infrared Detection System. This is recommended by pediatricians and offers a wide range of functionalities. You need not wake up your baby to take her temperature owing to the silent/sound button, which also blinks as an alarm for critical high temperature for a baby. These calibrations are medically advised and hence this is an FDA approved instrument. It can even memorize past measurements and tell you the progression occurred in the fever over time.3. TempIR Body Temperature Infrared ThermometerProduct Specifications

This is based on highly accurate infrared detection technology that absorbs these waves emitted from a body and displays the temperature on a large easy to read display. It can even memorize the last 32 measurements. This is a non-contact  (popularly known as No Touch) thermometer that works accurately up to as far as 5 cms. It is equipped with a high-temperature alarm. It is a four in one product that can take the temperature of any surface, forehead, body and the surrounding room. It works on AAA batteries. They are provided with the package as well. There is an auto power off feature to save battery that goes off in 30 seconds. It measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.Applications

There are four possible applications of this product and hence it is a must requirement for any workplace or home. It is accurately calibrated for taking the temperature of all age groups and even has a high-temperature alarm depending on the age group. You can take the temperature of your sleeping baby without waking him up from a distance and be assured of a correct reading because this is also clinically approved for a hygienic, hassle-free and easy usage.4. Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer (Model No: TAT 2000C)Product Specifications

This is an advance measuring instrument which does not take advantage of just the infrared detection system, but considers the arterial temperature flow to find the accurate body temperature. It is also equipped with an LED indicator light and a soft beep sound that indicates accurate positioning and measurement. There is a display that shows the measured temperature. It takes 1000 measurements in seconds and gives the best of all. It comes with a 9-volt battery pack included with the packaging and has been certified by many pediatricians and medical colleges.Applications

This has huge applications in measuring very accurate and precise body temperature as it is endowed with advanced technology to not only measure naturally emitted infrared heat from the forehead, but also take into account the arterial temperature flow and subject it to balance out the imprecision in the measured temperature. This is used by many pediatricians for accurate measurements, especially when this leads to multiple outcomes. It is advised to have this device in every workplace and home. This has also been proven to yield correct rectal temperature. It has been backed by medical experts from Havard and many other institutions. Just a gentle stroke on the forehead yields the most accurate temperature.5. Braun Forehead Thermometer (Model No: FHT 1000US)Product Specifications

This is manufactured in the USA and is an FDA approved the instrument. It absorbs the infrared emittance of the body to measure the temperature. It has a green button that helps guide you to perfectly position the device. A beep sound indicating correct positioning and measures the temperature. It is made of plastic and has a large green backlit display to yield the temperature reading in Fahrenheit. It has been calibrated by pediatricians and offers high accuracy. It is a hygienic probe and does not need additional probe covers.Applications

This can be used by all age groups and has an easy to use interface. You need to first install the batteries that are supplied with the package. The white power button at the bottom wakes it up. The green button has to be slightly pressed and then the thermometer has to be dragged gently on the forehead towards the temple. When the reading has been taken, it gives a beep. Now, remove the device from contact and it shows the reading on the big display. It has a different color coded indicator that tells you safe, mild, medium and critical measurements that might need medical attention.Pin ItAbout The Author

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