Top 5 Best Knife Sharpener Reviews

Simplifying the task of knife sharpening with best knife sharpening system

A sharp knife is far safer than a dull one. Nearly a thousand years ago sword smiths of Japan developed the art of making strong swords with sharp blades. Well, continuing with that tradition, Japanese craftsmen are making knives of the highest quality. Being designed in 1985, Global kitchen knives came up in a range of revolutionary and truly new knives that used the best materials and the latest techniques of manufacturing. Their superior edge and the way they could be balanced were among the most striking features.

However, even the best-quality global knife needs regular maintenance with a sharpening system. With continuous use, knives tend to become blunt and dull, which in turn makes them dangerous in nature. Knives tend to become a lot less likely to cut the potato but rather chop or slice off the finger itself. This article will help you in getting the best knife sharpener for your professional and domestic use. It is crucial for you to check our knife sharpening reviews below.

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Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station, Platinum4.5 / 5Under $150More details!
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Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition4.6 / 5Under $130More details!
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Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, White and Brushed Stainless Steel4.4 / 5Under $40More details!
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Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener4.3 / 5Under $40More details!
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Chef’s Choice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Knife Sharpener, White4.6 / 5Under $45More details!
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Basically, there are three things that can be used for making the knife sharp, and they are Stone, Strop and Hone. Stone sharpening aims at actively removing material from knife’s blade and creating a razor-sharp brand new beveled edge. Honing is done to realign edges on the blade and stropping is actually fine sharpening of the blade with leather material that does not remove metal but produces an incredibly sharp edge. The three procedures are done for precision sharpening and durability, but nothing can compete with the sharpening systems.

Knives do require the best knife sharpener as over the time they become fray, and hence, you need to know which one is the best system for knife sharpening. There are sharpening systems available on the market that make knife sharpening as easy as a walk in the park. There are sharpening stones, sharpening steel; manual knife sharpeners, electric knife sharpeners, and the various systems.

It is believed that an electric knife sharpener is the best knife sharpener available on the market. Available in the shape of a box, electric knife sharpeners sit on the kitchen counter along with 1-3 slots. In the electric knife sharpening system, the motorised wheel spins to grind the edge of the knife which in turn renders the edge super sharp. Such knife sharpeners are widely preferred as they are fast, convenient, and effective.

Technological advancement has taken us away from the tiring and lengthy task of sharpening knives manually for there is now the advent of automated electrical knife sharpening tools. Electric knife sharpeners are capable of grinding automatically. In terms of speed and convenience, electric knife sharpeners have a huge advantage. Within a few minutes, you can get razor-sharp edges and may sharpen blunt knives within 2-4 minutes. They are an indispensable part of kitchen cutlery nowadays. Depending on the nature of function, such electrical knife sharpeners come in variety of forms and features.

Now, it’s time for some Reviews

1. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional knife-sharpening station, Platinum: A latest breakthrough in knife sharpening technology

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For those who crave for professional knife sharpening at home, do not have to worry any more. 130 Professional knife-sharpening stations are the latest breakthrough in knife sharpening technology that presents sharpening options superbly in one compact station itself. The electric knife sharpening system professionally sharpens, strops and steels almost every kind of knife. With 100% of diamond abrasives, it can sharpen serrated, straight-edge knives of different kinds, whether it is for sports purpose or kitchen. The knife sharpener within three stages of knife sharpening offers better than the factory edge sharpened knives without any effort.

Having a super hardened flexible and miniature steel with flexible stropping disk, it makes use of 100% diamond abrasive in the first stage of sharpening. In Stage 2 with the help of miniature steel, knives with the sharpest edge and microscopic ultra sharp teeth can be attained which offer only the most superior edge bite. The flexible stropping disk conveniently polishes the edge of the knife to hair-splitting sharpness. You can get the custom edges to suit your different cutting tasks with this kind of professional knife sharpener. The knife sharpener is built with great precision and has the user-friendly angling that guarantees best sharpening. The product comes with 3 years of warranty.

2. Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition: Sharpening tool with expanded features

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Are you in a hunt for a fast, easy and stylish way of sharpening your knives? The Ken Onion Edition of knife sharpener is the latest development in the field of knife sharpening that sharpens with repeatability and great precision. The knife sharpener is designed to sharpen every kind of knife that you own. Worth mentioning features are:

– Adjustable sharpening guide offers precise and fastest sharpening results without any calibration time of setup.

– Presence of heavy-duty motor offers superior sharpening with proper heat adjustments to carry slow speed sharpening to highest speed grinding.

– The sharpening module can take multiple positions to carry out precision sharpening. It is the best knife sharpener available on the market.

– The design is highly portable and compact that can perform sharpening task in an optimum way.

– The sharpening speed is variable, and the tool comes equipped with abrasive belts that are highly flexible to sharpen hunting knives, straight bladed knives, kitchen knives and even serrated knives and various other shapes of knives conveniently. With flexible belts, professional razor-sharp edges can be attained.

– The sharpening tool delivers the pinnacle of sharpening, and now you can achieve razor-sharp edges.The best part of using this particular technology is that it can sharpen broadest range of knives with great exactness. Light duty tool sharpening can also be performed easily.

3. Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, white and Brushed Stainless Steel: Razor sharp edges within minutes

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This is the latest in the field of knife sharpening techniques for it uses the hybrid technology. It is this modernised technology that would allow you to have razor-sharp edges within few minutes. Using both manual and electric sharpening techniques, you can attain arch shaped edges, which are extremely durable and strong. Following features have created huge demands for this product:

  • The advanced hybrid technology includes both the manual and electric sharpener for delivering incredibly sharp edges.
  • Electric stage can sharpen while manual stage can hone the knife, enabling you to carry a variety of cutting tasks conveniently. It can sharpen both serrated and straight knives.
  • The efficient criss-cross technique creates sparkling sharp edges and the two stages of knife sharpening make use of 100% diamond abrasive wheels.
  • With the help of diamond abrasive wheels, you can get the most superior edge with no burr at all.
  • Coming with two-year warranty, the product powerfully sharpens various categories of knives.
  • Knives such as sports knives, household knives, kitchen knives, pocket knives and other quality knives may be sharpened.
  • Use of diamond abrasives in Stage-2 renders impressively polished edges and makes the knives efficient.

4. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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The Presto 08810 knife sharpener has been inviting positive reviews and is received with great appreciation by the users. You can conveniently buy this knife sharpener without any shade of doubt when it comes to quality and performance. It follows the magnificent 3 stage sharpening system that delivers only professional results. Made to be used manually, this knife sharpening system removes the gap between manual and professional sharpening. Made to sharpen a variety of knives, the system is capable of sharpening even sports knives and that too very quickly and conveniently.

It comes equipped with interchangeable blades that provide optimum angles for sharpening. The powerful blade guides the user automatically and sharpens the knife after holding it to the best sharpening angle. Auto adjustable blades simplify the tiresome task of knife sharpening. You are required to go through the manual and guide, which comes with the product, meticulously to avoid potential errors. You can attain remarkably sharp-edged knife after three stages of sharpening. Those who have been sharpening the knives with a couple of whetstones laboriously do not have to strive endlessly to attain the desired sharpness. With the sharpener, you can achieve a uniform edge that can rarely be attained using stones.

5. Chef’s Choice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Knife Sharpener, White: The awesome knife sharpening system

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250 Diamond hone knife sharpener is the ultimate choice of the chef as it sharpens every kind of knife in three stages. The usage of compact hybrid technology within the sharpening system assists in acquiring razor-sharp edges. The sharpener is comparatively easy to use and the sharpening features manual stages, electrical stages and 100% diamond abrasives that swiftly pave the way for arch shaped, super sharp edges.

The sharpening system is best suitable for serrated and fine edged knives of household and kitchen. M250 leads to the creation of triple bevel edge after the three stages of sharpening. In the first two stages, there is the use of 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen two edge bevels. The last stage efficiently hones and polishes with the aid of ultra-fine diamonds. For professional edge, the knife sharpening system is perfect. The product is highly prized for the following features:

  • Uses hybrid technology to carry out the three stages of sharpening
  • Razor-sharp edge is confirmed with 250 diamond hone
  • Can sharpen kitchen knives, serrated, straight, sporting and household knives
  • Manual honing in stage three of sharpening offers only string and durable edges
  • The product is reasonably priced and comes with one year of warranty.

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