Top 5 Poker Apps on the Mobile Marketplace

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This list is not going to be ranked specifically one through five because; these apps are just too similar to rank sequentially. If you are indeed a poker fan, or just want to get in on some casual game time on your mobile device this list will tell you the ins and outs of the top rated poker apps for iOS and Android.
Texas Holdem Poker Free by Viaden
In this app, available for both iOS and Android, the people over at Viaden have loaded it full of classic poker games and features that any genuine poker player will be able to enjoy as well as a newbie. The app lets you play Omaha Hi or Texas Hold ‘Em, monthly access to domestic tournaments, and over 150 achievements to unlock. Play at Multi Table Tournaments, or Sit n’ Go, whatever your style, Viaden’s app has got you covered; with big weekly bonuses and plenty of sales on in-app purchases you’ll never run out of chips to play with. Even create your own Private tables to play with all your poker friends and make every night poker night. In the unique Multi Table mode, you can easily switch between tables and keep the game rolling.  The app also offers Fast 5 and 9 Seat Ring Game tables so the action is always fast paced and ready to roll. This app in addition to the free iOS and Android versions, has a VIP edition allowing you to get a leg up on the competition, however for all the extra features like: 3,000,000 in complimentary chips, access to high stakes tables, Sit n’ Go tournaments and  24/7 VIP support; you’ll have to shell out a little bit of hard cash to get your poker play started and at a low one time only price of around $7.00 USD for the VIP version it seems pretty worth it.
Jawfish Poker by Jawfish Games
The one thing that Jawfish Poker has that these other poker apps do not, is the ability to play in Real Time Tournaments over the internet. The live gameplay is fast paced and full of exciting match ups, with an average overall tournament time of less than five minutes! Jawfish is certainly one of the faster styled apps out there. Connect to live tournaments via 3G/4G/LTE or Wifi on your mobile device and get in on the action. Jawfish also loads the game up with specialized poker missions and six handed Sit n’ Go’s to make honing your skills that much easier. This app is currently only available for iOS and Jawfish has not said if they are going to make an Android version, however if they want to reach the widest audience possible it’s only a matter of time before we see this app on the Google Play store.
Fresh Deck Poker by Idle Games, Inc.
This app is probably more for your newer player or casual fan than a real professional player looking to hone their skills. The app’s UI is cutesy with a color scheme similar to a child’s imagination of what Vegas would be, without all the nitty gritty realness of the place. That being said, the app features Royal Hold’em with a twenty card deck and customizable avatars similar to the tween geared game IMVU. It doesn’t really feel like any other app, it’s other worldly, like you’d been transported to some weird, poker pixel land. The game offers no limit Texas Hold’em and daily free chips. You also have to level up to Make your avatar look cooler which if you’re a seasoned poker player, does not sound flattering at all. This game is cute and mostly for newbies who want a cute avatar to pass the time with. The game is available on iOS and Android devices.
#2 Poker
The name that is synonymous with online poker is bound to have a mobile game at this point. Unlike their website, the iOS and Android app is free to play and does not deal with real cash. So, for all you moneybags out there, this would just be a place to practice your skills on the go without fear of depleting your bankroll. The app has the mobility and reliability that users have come to know and love. Search for your seat by tournament or player name, filter lobby by games, stakes, limits, and table sizes. Talk to your competition with table chat and get a chance to sniff out their bluff. The people at have one of the largest online followings so you’ll never run out of people to play against. This app is available for iOS and Android devices, however the app will not run on iOS 6 or earlier versions so update your device if you want to get in on all the action.
World Series of Poker
Now, the big boys have come out to play with the World Series of Poker app. The app lends itself the same trusted name as the actual real life poker tournament. This app is what you would expect with the pros from WSOP with features like Multi Level Tournaments, various game modes; the offer of free chips every four hours and even a Slots Mini Game. The folks at WSOP have packed this app with so many features like the ability to track your game stats and guest mode, which allows you to browse tables anonymously without interfering with your bankroll. Connect your game across multiple devices and Facebook to make poker night happen whenever and wherever you are. The WSOP App even offers those who connect their Facebook account to the app get an additional 15,000 chip bonus. Needless to say, the WSOP has definitely come through to make playing your favorite game easier on any platform. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.
There you have it, enough poker games to keep you busy in your downtime with only your mobile device. Never be out of the game again with access to so many high quality mobile poker apps.
About the author:
Scott Wolowich is a freelance writer for PokerVIP, and an avid poker player. He enjoys writing about poker strategy, and industry almost as much as playing online. Follow his posts for a dose of real life experience and poker theory.

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