Top 7 IOS games in 2018

The ios vs android/windows war don’t seem to end any time soon. Both types of phones offer their unique advantages. However, it is universally accepted and known that iOs phones and laptops are better gaming machines. Here we have listed top 7 games of ios in 2018. Have a look and comment below on what you think of it.Banner Saga

The first game on the list of top 7 IOS games is Banner Saga. It is an adventure style, grid-based combat game.The Silent Age

The Silent Age is a game with a janitor of a corporate, time traveling 40 years in the future and is left with a mystery to solve to go back to his time again.Minecraft

Minecraft is a game in the blocky world where you need to build armors and adapt to changing environments to survive. It is a very popular game.Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead is one of the most popular top 7 games of ios. It is an adventure game with the storyline and the characters of the novel and the TV series ‘Walking Dead.’Does not Commute

Does not Commute is a brilliantly worked game. You need to take the car to a point. Once you do that, you get another car but you have your previous drive alongside you creating hurdles. This keeps on growing until the road is completely filled with your previous sessions.Infinity Blade III

The Infinity Blade III includes all the trappings of the fighting games and RPGs. But there is no free roam.Card Thief

Card Thief is a game which requires a lot of thinking. It is basically a game created by colliding solitaire and stealth.

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