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January 18, 2015June 11, 2015281 Views 2015
So we’ve entered a new year and with it brings enthusiasm and a whole new set of targets for aspiring bloggers all over the world. If you are looking for ways to reach a new audience but haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet, you can relax because we’ve come up with 3 ways that will not only set your own style apart from the masses, these little heads-ups will also get you well on the road to opening up a new target demographic in 2015 and way beyond! So strap yourselves in tight and enjoy the ride because we can all but guarantee that you will soon be in demand for your copy like never before!

·Who are your audience? ” Simple question here but one that really needs your attention. Because if you haven’t quite figured that one out yet, what hope do you have of reaching them? These people are the reason why you are writing and without understanding their own needs, your own copy is going to be pretty useless. If you don’t know who they are, why not sit down and work out who you want to reach first and start creating great content that will not only appeal to them, but it will also help them to get through the day and more!
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·Brilliant Content! ” Okay, that may be a little beyond what you had in mind but as long as you find a way to get your point across in a nice conversational tone, you are halfway there! It is nigh on impossible to create copy that is totally unique but if you strive to add some personalisation into your article writing and do not forget to stick to the facts, your new audience will keep coming back for more and more!
·Use Communication Channels ” Social media is without a doubt the absolute best way to mix up your words with a fresh new set of followers. Add social sharing buttons to each article and have a set of like and follow buttons on your footer also. This way, if your readers appreciate the tone and content that you are producing, they will be able to spread the love with a single press of the button ” Job done!

We hope you can weave these tips into your writing and if you do, you may well be looking forward to an incredible 12 months of conversions, and then some!
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