Tricks to Generate Mass Targeted Traffic from Google Plus

I’ve always preferred Facebook and Reddit as my ultimate platform to generate traffic, but recently I discovered some amazing things about Google Plus that can also provide us a lot of quality targeted traffic.Check it out:First of all, stylize your Google plus posts:

While writing our blog posts, we always highlight some specific text to grab the attention of readers. Using highlighters not only makes our blog posts look more attractive, but it also help users to go through our entire posts easily. If we already know these things then why can’t we apply a similar kind of strategy while posting our website links on Google plus?Also check: How to use Reddit to get mass traffic like a pro

To apply some styles in your text, you will have to follow the below mentioned signs:1. Bold:

By using (asterisk) that is (*) in the starting and at the end of any particular text, you can make it bold. Most preferably, we should always bold your keyword in it.2. Italic:

Using underscore (_) at the starting and at the end of any particular text, you can italicize it.Also check: How to get free real twitters followers3. Strikeout:

While making a Google plus post to promote any discount offer, you can create a line in between the old offer and then write a new one toemphasize on it. You just have to use hypen (-) in the starting and end of that particular text. For example: “20%”4. Bullets:

Bullets are very important to write down steps or a list. To put bullets on any text in Google plus,(you can press your space bar and enter hypen, once again, press spacebar). 2. Share variety of stuff instead of posting your own links only:

Mostly, people only share links of their website posts, which is not the right thing to do because if you want to gain some trust and interest of readers, you will also have to share stuff other than your blog links.Also check: Use stumbleupon drive massive traffic site3. Choosing “targeted audience” to share your posts:

One can simply not achieve his goals by targeting people that are not interested in your posts, therefore you can use Google plus circles to create a group of “targeted audience”.4. Trick: Send emails to get more attention of your readers:

At the time, you are pressing a share button, you can tick the “send email” option. What it will do is that it will send emails to people in order to update them about your post and if they found it interesting, you are definitely going to get good amount of clicks.Note: Only use this option with people, which you think are or will be interested, otherwise, this technique can also back fire you in the form of mute or even un-follow some times.Also check: How to get traffic from Pinterest5. Target (Google plus communities):

If you have joined different communities on Google plus, you can directly post your stuff in it. Always remember that most of the communities on G+ are having very strict rules and regulations and if do not follow them, you will be banned immediately.Also check: Trick to Use Twitter and Generate Thousands of Visitors6. Use of Hashtags:

Hashtags are extremely important like they are in other social networks. It helps you to target your audience on a wider scale.

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