Usborne History Match-Up for ALL CC Cycles!

Usborne History Match-Up for ALL CC Cycles!

Encyclopedia… what images come to mind when you see that word?
For me, it’s a dry, boring book with pages and pages of text of itty-bitty font.
So, I think some people may thing that the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History looks like this on the inside:
Gives me the shivers!
Instead, this is what the Usborne Encyclopedia of World Historyreally looks like:
(click pictures to enlarge)
Isn’t that inviting and engaging!
Great double-page spreads, vibrant illustrations, maps, charts, PLUS it’s internet linked! Which means, if your child wants to dig deeper, he can simply go to the master site,, type in the book, select the page number, and viola! A list of recommended sites appears offering more details, downloadable pictures, activities, videos, puzzles, etc. And these sites are carefully selected and screened, so you can be sure they’re SAFE for our kids – I know I don’t want Mary just hopping on a search engine!
It’s geared to ages 8 and up, and it’s jam-packed with information that homeschool mamas like me dream of! Check out the table of contents:
(click to enlarge)
So, because we’re going to be using this book throughout the year, for many years, I made a match-up for ALL the cycles Classical Conversations (with History and Geography memory work)! Click here or the image below to download your free copy!
This book does begin with a section on the prehistoric world and includes Big Bang and evolution:Yeah, I’m not a fan of this part, but we just skip over it. Actually in Cycle 3 of CC, the last four week of Science memory work are about different theories of how life began. I do think it’s important to guide my children through these false beliefs, so the inclusion of Big Bang and evolution aren’t deal-breakers for me. We just skip that first section and begin with the Fertile Crescent and Sumer. However, I do want you to have all the facts, which is why I shared some pictures of the prehistoric part above.So, aside from that first part, this book is awesome! One of my friends ordered it for her son who’s 11 and a half, and he reads it in his free time! An encyclopedia!
As you know, I’m an Usborne consultant, so I do sell this book. I’d love for you to support my new business by clicking here to purchase your own copy.
I started selling Usborne books in April because I wanted to have them ALL without breaking the bank! And, because we want a family vacation.
We need a family vacation.
My little girl needs to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel.
I know what you’re thinking, that all she really needs is her mama, and love, and comfort, and yes, yes, I know that. But she goes through so much; Anna also needs to meet The Mouse.
Here she is in mid-smooch. Ahhhhdorable!
I could go on and on about Anna, but this post is supposed to be about an encyclopedia match-up. I need to do an Anna update soon.
We actually just returned from Memphis yesterday where Anna had 90 more basal cell carcinomas (skin cancers) removed.
Happy smiles before the laser…
And morphined-up after.Love that the hospital gives kids Icees! Seems a little strange to me, but I liked it nonetheless.It looks bad, but her skin heals really quickly; she’s even back at school today having a blast with her buddies. It’s still a hard road, thinking about all that’s ahead. But, we have a big God, a God big enough to handle my fears, worries, doubts, and to just take me by the hand. I honestly can’t imagine going through this, or anything really, without my God by my side. Thank you, Lord, thank You, thank You, thank You.
And, if any of you are prayer warriors, I’d appreciate it if you’d lift us up in prayer next week. Anna’s right kidney has been having problems for a while now. It’s either severely obstructed or it’s dying and becoming non-functioning. Her left one is doing 76 % of the work, and right one is starting to lose tissue. We go on Monday for another test, and we’ll get the results on Wednesday. The doctors are trying to save her right kidney, so please pray for wisdom and guidance for them, and peace for us.
Anyway, thanks for letting me share about my sweet Anna. Now, go get your Match-Up! 😉 Oh, and if you missed the Science Match-Up, you can get that by clicking here.
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