Using an Effective Email Signature for Your Real Estate Business

An email signature is one of the least expensive ways of promoting your real estate company without the need for aggressive advertising. As a real estate agent, your email signature is a reflection of you and your business, so make it as professional-looking as possible. Still, there are some common errors you should avoid to make sure that it remains an asset to your business. Read up on some advice and improve the way you use your email signature!Keep it short and sweet. 4 to 6 lines should do. The goal of your email signature is to reinforce brand identity and allow easy communication between you and your business contacts. Include your name, title, company name, office phone/fax number, mobile number, real estate website, and email address.Make it visible. Use the standard signature delimiter (” ) to separate your signature from the email body text and , help your signature get recognized as such by email clients. As an example:

John SmithBroker | John Smith Real Estate Group888-888-0000 | [email protected] |www.myrealestategroup.comLinkedIn: | Facebook: your domain name for your email. This consistency looks more professional and reinforces brand retention. Check out this articlefor more information on using your real estate website domain name for your email.Style and format matter. Even if you want your email signature to standout, you shouldn’t go overboard on the style. Use a consistent font and make sure the size is readable. Also, avoid animated graphics. Double check your HTML formatting because it may not appear the same for everyone. Test how it looks on different email clients, both on your computer and on mobile/tablet screens.Don’t use unnecessary graphics. Email clients don’t always display graphics automatically so a text link is always best.Link to your social media accounts. These days, it has become a common internet marketing practice to include links to your company’s social media profiles. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or real estate-specific sites like Active Rain, linking to your social pages gives people more options when it comes to finding more information about you.ALWAYS use your signature. Whether you’re participating in an online forum or sending emails to friends, family or clients, always use your email signature. There are online forums that allow you to add links to your agent website and social media profiles on your sig, so use this to your advantage.

Your email signature functions as your online business card so use it to set the tone of what you want to convey to your business contacts. , If you don’t know how to make one, try out some popular signature generators or Google some professional email templates as reference.

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