Vegan Street Food in Taiwan

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Libby GreenMay 3, 2016BlogTaiwan769 viewsIT’S NO WONDER WHY TAIWAN HAS BEEN RATED ONE OF THE TOP CULINARY DESTINATIONS IN THE WORLD!Snacking and frequent eating of small meals is the norm in Taiwanese culture. Hence their devotion to Taiwan’s mouth watering and intoxicating (and sometimes pungent) smells of Taiwanese street food. If you come to Taiwan to revamp your lifestyle and eat healthy then you’re living in a vegan lalaland. Taipei is the destination to forget about calorie counting, low fat mumbo jumbo, oil-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and pretty much anything to do with restricting yourself! Yes, Taiwan is know as an omnivores paradise with all it’s easily available animal products in markets and restaurants. Let’s just imagine that doesn’t exist and only talk about how incredibly vegan-friendly Taipei, Taiwan is! Buddhism is prevalent in Taiwan and a fair amount of practicing Buddhists are vegetarian and some are essentially vegan! A big shout out to my man Siddhartha for creating a religion that proves compassion means you can eat in peace and save our animal friends!Ok enough of the vegan rant.. let’s get to the good stuff.. THE FOOD!STEAMED BUNS (BAO CHICKA WOW WOW)So, you’re gluten-free. Okay, that doesn’t mean you should move on to the next life without trying a STEAMED BUN. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about squishy soft buns that rallies up! What’s your fancy? Sweet? Savory? Steamed buns swings both ways! We had black sesame seed filling and it was a combination of “but I shouldn’t be eating this because it feels wrong” and then my less conscience side says “girl take and like it!” Then, I go on and try the wholesome and savory bamboo chutes and feel content with my decision to end this short steamed bun escapade.OODLES OF NOODLES

Damn, I’m a serious noodle lover and Taiwan has got it down to an art. You can have soup noodles like Chinese Herb with vegetable broth, goji berries, mushrooms, and tofu. Or a no brainers like Wonton Soup with bok choy! Or the must try Sesame Paste Noodles! Yeah the name may not excite you but the perfect blend of peanutty sesame paste goodness should!SWEET POTATO BALLSI tired my first sweet potato ball at the Keelung night market and to be honest, I was a tad underwhelmed. Made primarily of sweet potatoes, glutinous rice flour, and sugar and then fried in oil, this street food wouldn’t be accused of being a “health food!” These flavorless balls best quality is their air like hollow innards (like puff pastry!)cI don’t mean to knock them but, I wouldn’t shout from the Maokong Mountain top “these balls are out of this world!”

For the record, Marcel doesn’t agree with my opinion of Sweet Potato Balls. He loved themDon’t fret fruties, you’ll have accessibility to all sorts of fruit.

As you walk around the streets of Taipei you’ll come across little markets and street vendors supplying seasonal produce. Juice and bubble tea (without milk) can be found all over town and at night markets!NOW THAT YOU HAVE DECENT OVERVIEW OF TAIWANESE STREET FOOD, YOU CAN FEEL AT EASE ABOUT EATING VEGAN IN TAIWAN! HAPPY TRAVELS!STAY IN THE LOOP & GET ON OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER!FOLLOW US… Share this:Street FoodTaiwanese FoodVegan FoodPrevious ArticleGreen Kitchen Vegan Balinese Cooking ClassNext Article10 Exotic Fruits You Must Try in Thailand!Libby Green

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