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Visual Office is a practice management software solution developed by Dr Buzard and
a group of programmers over the past 15 years. This program was implemented at the Buzard Eye Institute in Las Vegas and a number of other practices around the country. It was one of the first programs of it’s kind to be written from the ground up for ophthalmology and incorporated many features that were far ahead of it’s time.

This program was one of the first to implement work group computing to a medical practice and was instrumental in improving the quality of care for the practices that used it. The chief programmer, Cleve Littlefield, went on to work at Microsoft as a senior programmer.

Visual Office is the infinitely scalable SQL Server based practice management system designed to save the physician both time and money. The tightly integrated programs that comprise Visual Office draw data from one another, eliminating duplicate data entry and enabling effective communication.

Visual Office will organize and streamline your practice. Communication and the management of information is a true academic discipline, and it is our mission at Visual Office to explore and develop improvements to the process.Medical practice management is not a computer program or even a group of skilled professionals working together: it is a philosophy, a way of thinking.

Prompt, effective communication can either make or break a medical practice, and Visual Office is the first step toward optimizing the exchange of ideas in your practice. Our patient records, Visual Charts, along with our imaging system, Visual Capture, enables the entry of any and all data that pertains to the patient.

Even old paper exams and documentation in the patient’s existing chart can be legibly scanned and entered into the patient’s new Visual Chart.

Our print and electronic billing module, Visual Accounts enables the entry and organization of all patient account information from insurances to responsible parties, while our Visual Schedule allows you to define templates for structuring your appointments and days.

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