Watch this before those holiday parties! (holiday party health tips)

Today we’re going to be talking about the holidays.

And really ensuring that it’s full of enjoyment and fun and laughter and love, and all the things that the holidays are supposed to be.

But have been pulled in the complete opposite direction.

When we’re all full of anxiety and stress and perfectionism, that’s when we turn to sugar, and we completely stop taking care of ourselves.

I’m going to be giving you three tips that have really helped me, avoid running to the sugar when I’m around my family during the holidays.

I remember, I always looked at the holidays as a free-for-all.

Granted, you have to know a little bit about my background.

I was a super-crazy dieter, so I would look at the holidays as, “Go big.

Eat your face off.

It’s a ‘bad’ day.

It’s a ‘cheat’ day.

” Which I don’t believe in those things anymore.

I remember one Thanksgiving in particular, I actually ate to the point of (literally) puking.

It was so bad.

I would just keep eating.

It was because I had restricted myself for so long before, that when the day came, because then it was in the back of my head.

Right? “I’ll just restrict.

I’ll just restrict myself.

Thanksgiving is coming up, so then I can go to town on the food.

” Then I ate so much I physically got sick.

I mean, it was really embarrassing.

I think these tips will absolutely help with that.

But leading into Thanksgiving I would highly suggest you do NOT do that.

Do not really restrict.

I’m not a fan of that, at all.

Because you could be setting yourself up for complete (blech) gross-ness, and feeling horrible for like three straight days, if you’re thinking in that mindset of: “I’ve got to be really good.

Thanksgiving is coming up.

I’ve got to be really good.

I’ve got to exercise a lot.

I’ve got to restrict.

” Don’t do that.

Just really tune in and listen to your body.

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