West Bend 60 Cup Commercial Coffee Maker Review

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Is it time for a tea break? Lets get some coffee and some snacks.
If you are thinking of operating a cafe, or getting an equipment upgrade, or the office pantry is need of superior coffee machine, I propose to you the 60 Cup Coffee Maker by West Bend.

This commercial coffee-making beast makes about 60 cups of coffee per batch. Just 7.6 pounds, 12.6 by 14.5 by 17.7 (inches), this machine makes decent coffee with its huge reservoir. A stainless steel brushed exterior holds water reservoir which is featured to conceal smudges or fingerprints even though you would not touch it while it’s hot. The fixtures used were stainless steel and dishwasher safe. Set this up in the meeting room or for large gathering and functions with a huge capacity for coffee demand.
Steps to for brewing wonderful coffee
(Based on the instruction booklet)
1.Prior to first use, clean coffeemaker thoroughly by following cleaning instructions provided.
2.Ensure that the coffeemaker is on a dry, level, and on a heat-resistant surface away from any edges.
3.With the basket and stem removed, fill the coffee maker with cold water to the desired cup level with the marks on inside of the coffee maker showing cup levels. Do not fill past maximum cup level. Do make desire coffee level between the maximum or more than the minimum amount of coffee, as indicated by the markings inside your coffee maker. This will ensure that it will be working properly.
4.Place the stem into the heating unit in the bottom of the coffee maker and then put the basket on the stem. Pour in the ground coffee into the basket using the following chart for the amount to use depending on the cup level or to desired concentration. Do spread the grounds evenly in the basket. Ensure that none of grounds fall into the stem opening. Note: A paper filter is not required for making coffee. The coarseness of the grind will vary your coffee’s taste.
5.Place the cover on the coffeemaker and turn to lock into the handle slots. Note the arrows on the cover for correct direction.
6.Plug the cord to supply, and set the “ON/OFF” switch to “ON”. The “ON/OFF” switch will be illuminated.
7.As coffee is brewing, the yellow “Brew” light will be illuminated. Coffee is ready when the green “Ready” light is illuminated. While each cup requires no longer than 1 minute brewing time, coffee will remain at serving temperature as long as the coffeemaker is plugged in and switch at on position. Do not dispense coffee until the green “Ready” light is illuminated.
8.Use your cup to carefully press against the lower lever to dispense coffee. Gently pull the cup back when the cup is nearly full to release the lever and stop the flow of coffee.
9.When coffee can no longer be seen in the view window, turn the switch “OFF” and unplug the cord from the electrical outlet. Note: Liquid must always cover the inside bottom of the appliance at all times. Falling below the minimum level could cause overheating and damage to internal components and will void the warranty.
10.After every use, completely empty and follow “Cleaning Instructions” to clean your coffeemaker before using again. Do not allow water or coffee sit in the coffeemaker overnight.
Note: Failing to ensure correct liquid levels could cause overheating and damage to internal components and will void the warranty.
One of the main advantages of this commercial coffee maker is that, there is the non-drop faucet that allows hands-free filling of coffee. Imagine your fingers being scalded by the old coffee machine due to touching the release lever or poor design. To keep the dispensing area clean, there is an easily slide out drip tray that holds splashes or coffee dribble. Simple to operate, two buttons are used to cycle the coffee brewing program and a viewing window to monitor the level of coffee in the reservoir. The coffee will be maintained at optimal temperature ready for your tea break anytime.

While this design may look simple, it lacks of the coffee grinder that even many home coffee machines have, which is an ideal coffee set up. Some users cited that, their experience using this machine with Starbucks French Roast, the recommending medium grind is too fine, causing the grounds to clog the filter. If too coarse, the flavour is not brought out from the grind.
Sadly there is only one spout and only one coffee cup can be dispensed at one time. It would be ideal to have a few more spouts to dispense multiple cups at a go. One of the key disadvantages I noticed seasoned users sounded out is that, as far as when the coffee is about to finish, seeing through the viewing window for liquid level, you may need to tilt the machine to pour out the leftovers. In addition, is to switch off the heater as it might get overheated with the limited amount of liquid.
Of course if you feel 60 cups is not enough, you can opt for other options such as 100 cups or more provided by West Bend. To properly maintain the coffee maker with daily used in your workplace, do special cleaning every 2 weeks, or every week. If used for heating water, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the heating unit well. When not kept clean, the coffeemaker will not work properly.
Many users were happy with the configuration of this coffee system as it was easy to setup, clean and it makes a great cup of coffee. The machine even keeps the coffee at the right temperature for several hours. The 60 cups of coffee is defined as 6 oz regular size cups with coffee recipe of about 4 pods of pre-packaged coffee or about 2.5 cups of coffee grind for medium aroma taste.
When you need a reliable, heavy duty coffee machine (commercial grade), this model suits your needs. Whether it is a tea break, or functions cater to large amount of users, one simple set up gives you 60 cups away from each refill. Ideal for massive bunch of coffee lovers yet with a simple making process. “Is it time up for tea break?”

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