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While writing out your School Assignment, You look online for varicolored images which are de rigueur for your work. Once you ascertain a suitable image, you will simply copy it and then paste it down, who’s stopping you? No one. Presumably, doing this is an illicit act .Now what? Probably you must be assured that you don’t copy images without owners green light and you are totally unaware of that whether that image is free or not, and you can’t afford licensing fees for professional photographers. Now you are stuck. How to prepare your assignment?

Why is It Illegal?

The most frequently asked question why is copying illegal? Here we have a legit answer to it.

Whenever you descry an image there is a good chance that the image has either a license which proscribes you to use it or has no license at all. Assuming that you didn’t ask for prior consent to utilize the content/Image, it’s illegal to use it if either of these two cases applies. Action can be placed against you by the content/image creator as Copyright laws tend to favor the content creator.

In this situation here comes the savior Creative Commons or Creative Commons Images.

What is Creative Commons?

Heard of this name for the very first time? It’s the time to know about it. Creative Commons is an organization which was founded in 2001 by Lawrence Lessig Hal Abelson, and Eric Eldredwith the support of Center for the Public Domain

It is an organization which let you share your creativity with the world.

It is a set of copyright licenses which clarify what you can do with content licensed with one of those licenses and gives you authority to use your content as you wish to do over internet. It is adored to spread the range of creative works available for others to build legally and to share it legitimately.

It is a licensed attribution where content creators can specify that their work can be used in a certain way. Creative Commons works are protected by copyright law. The adorable thing is that the creator decides how the content is to be used by the type of license used.

What are creative commons images?

To help you find images that you can use for free, while avoiding plagiarism and respecting the needs creators creative commons images are used. creative commons images allows you to restrict your Image Search results to images that have been tagged with licenses of Creative Commons, making it easier to search for images from across the web that you can share, use and even modify. Simply these are the images licensed with creative commons.

How Do Creators benefit from creative commons images?

Creative common images helps the content creator in many ways. It can give them increased openness as peoples are free to use and share their work in licit terms. Once they have enough openness, they can   earn money from future works.

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