WhatsApp adds new Verification Feature

WhatsApp just brought out its new update for its android users that is a two step authentication for your WhatsApp account. This feature ensure that your WhatsApp account is safe from unauthorized used. WhatsApp has been testing this security feature for last few months to counter reports they received back from users back in July.

This Two Step verification feature is located in main Settings under Accounts option. This Feature allows u to make a passcode and this passcode later is attached with your cellphone number that you have registered on WhatsApp. Process is easy just select options and follow instructions add 6-digit passcode and you will have to verify it, you can also give email as a back up if you forget your passcode or need to reset it. But don’t skip backup email option this will lock your phone account.

As you had setup your 6-digit passcode now you have options to reset your email and passcode. You can disable passcode option if you feel no need for it. Latest feature is available on google play store as beta version, company has been introducing new features in its beta version as they had also introduced gif search for android users and conversion of live pictures in Gif for iOS users.?

Aly Chiman

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