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Build quality
Editor: 97%
Editor: 97%
Ease of Use
Editor: 98%
Energy Efficiency
Editor: 94%
Editor: 98%
Power failure storage
Editor: 97%

Review Summary:

The Whirlpool ART4500A+ Built In Fridge Freezer is a high-quality integrated appliance that fits comfortably into almost any kitchen. With a large capacity, auto-defrost features, and a competitive price, this is a solid purchase for most households.

Integrated (or built-in) fridge freezers are a popular addition to the kitchen today, creating a cohesive look that allows the appliance to blend in with the rest of your furnishings. While most fridge freezers produced today have a sleek, stylish design anyway, an integrated build is great for maintaining a neater layout. Whirlpool are a respected manufacturer of white goods, and this ART4500A+ Built In Fridge Freezer has received a strong response from buyers. Many cite its large capacity, range of features, and temperature control as the main draws ” so let’s take a closer look.

Energy-efficiency is a big part of appliances today, with manufacturers and households alike looking to reduce the amount of electricity needed to run their products. On a scale from A+++ to G, the Whirlpool ART4500A+ holds an A+ rating ” it’s not the highest, but it still provides very eco-friendly performance (based on a cost of 15.44p per unit, this appliance should cost £76.58 per year to run).

This appliance is split 50/50 fridge/freezer, giving equal room to both sections ” this is uncommon, and is a highlight for those who find they often buy more frozen food than they have space for in a standard appliance. The fridge capacity is 154 litres, with three shelves; the freezer has 110 litres, with three drawers ” plenty of space for the average household. The fridge has anti-bacterial protection, a coating on the back wall which prevents mould and bad odours building up over time; the auto-defrost feature also prevents ice from accumulating.

Bottle storage is provided, allowing drinks to be placed in their own section without you needing to fit food around them; a dairy compartment is included, as is an egg tray ” the internal layout is very neat, and allows different products to be kept separated and well-arranged. A salad crisper is included, designed to reduce the humidity levels and boost air circulation, helping to keep food fresh for longer.

The freezer contains an ice cube tray, and the power failure safe storage keeps food frozen for 19 hours in the event of a power cut. Buyers have praised the amount of space available and the simple shelving system ” it is a good purchase for those looking to fit a spacious, well-designed fridge freezer into their kitchen as part of an integrated layout. The low price is a big draw too, affordable for most budgets. Pros

Large capacity in fridge and freezer
High energy-efficiency rating for cost-effective performance
Integrated design for a cohesive installation in your decor
Neat internal layout, with space for bottles and different foods Cons

No open door alert or temperature warning light

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