World’s first 4D printing for ceramics

Breaking NewsHome/Technology News/World’s first 4D printing for ceramicsTechnology News5:38 PMTechnology NewsThe world’s first 4D printing for ceramics that can be used to create complex,
shape-changing objects. 4D printing is conventional 3D printingcombined with the
additional element of time as the fourth dimension, where the printed objects
can re-shape or self-assemble themselves over time with external stimuli, such
as mechanical force, temperature, or a magnetic field.Researchers from City
University of Hong Kong (CityU) made use of the elastic energy stored in the
stretched precursors for shape morphing. When the stretched ceramic precursors
are released, they undergo self-reshaping. After heat treatment, the precursors
turn into ceramics.Ceramic has a high melting
point, so it is difficult to use conventional laser printing to make ceramics.The existing 3D-printed
ceramic precursors, which are usually difficult to deform, also hinder the
production of ceramics with complex shapes.To overcome these
challenges, researchers developed a novel “ceramic ink,” which is a
mixture of polymers and ceramic nano particles.The 3D-printed ceramic
precursors printed with this novel ink are soft and can be stretched three
times beyond their initial length.These flexible and
stretchable ceramic precursors allow complex shapes, such as origami folding.
With proper heat treatment, ceramics with complex shapes can be made.The resultant
Elastoplast-derived ceramics are mechanically robust. They can have a high
compression strength-to-density ratio, and they can come in large sizes with
high strength compared to other printed ceramics.”From making the ink
to developing the printing system, we tried many times and different
methods,” said Lu Jian, a professor at City U.”Like squeezing icing
on a cake, there are a lot of factors that can affect the outcome, ranging from
the type of cream and the size of the nozzle, to the speed and force of
squeezing, and the temperature,” said Jian.World’s first 4D printing for ceramics
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