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– December 20, 2012

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100 Chimneys: Christmas is coming for those 100 Doors and 100 Rooms gamers out there…

“Christmas is Coming.  Try 100 Chimneys Instead of 100 Doors and 100 Rooms” is probably what the developer wants to hear.  But unfortunately this message only goes out to the hardcore 100 series players.  Keep reading to hear more and see our game tips.

Gameplay:  With the holidays just around the corner, Santa needs your help! He needs to deliver all his presents and climb as many chimneys as possible.  But all the children (and parents) seem to have locked the chimney exit with a puzzle!  Test your abstract ability and see if you can unlock your way through all the houses.

If you’ve played


then you’ll be quite familiar with this game style… (In fact you may as well read those reviews if you want to understand this game style)  It’s a set of abstract mini games which put all your phone’s gadgets to good use.  I’d like to say that absolutely everything is put to use, but across the twenty levels of this game, only tapping the touchscreen and swaying your phone are really necessary.  But with more updates to come it’s highly likely that more phone gizmos will be put to good use.

Festive spirit: That winter feeling is automatically stirred up because there’s a fireplace with a decorated tree in almost every level.  So the game celebrates Christmas quite appropriately… now where’s that mulled wine?…

Talking point:  If the conversations ever run dry at xmas then you can flip out this game and pass the phone around to try and collectively solve the puzzles in this game.  Whether you progress up the chimneys isn’t important, but the game should drum up enough discussion to prevent people from getting bored.

Tough Xmas nuts: The puzzles in this game are pretty difficult.  Of the twenty levels that are currently available I got stuck on eight of them.  That’s right… 40% of the puzzles feel rather abstract to me.  Personally I think games should be enjoyable and interesting brain teasers.  If I’m automatically seeking out solution guides in frustration then maybe something about the levels needs a bit of work.  My disclaimer here is that unfortunately I’m not a hardcore 100 Doors player, but I can imagine that this difficult game would be good for people who have already been though 100 abstract mini levels.

Bah Humbug:  I hate being a scrooge or a miser at Christmas, but the graphics in this product are lacking quality.  (This is my excuse for doing so poorly in so many of the levels.)  Some of the images are so shoddy that I just can’t see the images.  For instance, in the first level I can’t even see the key that’s hidden behind the present!  The result is that I spend half the time pressing all over the screen to try and trigger a response from the game.

On some levels I almost feel like they’re purposefully designed to force people to seek out hints websites!

Rating: 2/5 100 Chimneys is for niche puzzle gamers who’ve mastered the Doors and Rooms games out there.  Unfortunately this won’t be the Christmas treat which most people are looking for.  However, the game is free to play so there’s no harm in trying… we have the solutions below in case you get stuck 🙂

100 Chimneys Tips (Walkthrough) from Android Games Review

Levels in Bold are the ridiculously difficult/abstract levels which you’re likely to want help on.

Level 1: Tap on the present.  It will slide away and there’s a key which you can use to unlock the door.  (Yes the key is ridiculously hard to see!)

Level 2: Tap on all the presents on the left hand side.

Level 3: Tap the colours in the order: 2013.  (i.e. next year)

Level 4: Sway your phone from side to side until the bell goes to max swing and rings.  The bell will disappear and then you can progress.

Level 5: Pop all the balloons.

Level 6: Shake your device slowly to make the snow kick up.  (This is where it starts getting unrealistic – everyone always either flips snow globes on their head or they shake them hard.)

Level 7:  Count the decorations on the trees.  5 on the left, 9 on the right.  (Bad graphics right?)

Level 8:  Spell out Santa by pressing the color that corresponds to the letter.  (Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Blue)

Level 9:  The number you input indicates how many pictures are adjacent (including diagonals) to that cell.  Going from left to right.  Row 1: 3, Row 2: 6, Row 3: 3, 5, 4, Row 4: 3

Level 10: Match the same images together – a little memory game.

Level 11: Pick up the Hammer hidden within the logs (on the right hand side).  Use it to smash the grey panel on the right of the chimney exit.  Stick the new item into the robot to wind him up and make him move.  (… I know right… wtf…)

Level 12: Use the hammer to hit in this order: 1, 3, 5, 4, 2, 6, 8, 7, 9 (turquoise, purple, pink, vibrant red, gray, crimson, blue, lime, brown/orange) (where 1 is in the top left corner)

Level 13: Optical effect on your eyes will make you see the indentations, but look around the indentations.  Tap the buttons which are in these cells: 4, 5, 1, 9, 6 (where 1 is in the top left corner).

Level 14: Find the hidden railway pieces and lay them down to complete the train path.  Then press the red button.

Level 15:  Open the present to reveal an axe.  Use it to smash the brick wall and escape.

Level 16: You start with an axe.  Use it to cut down the Christmas tree.  Put the resultant logs at the snowman’s feet.  Then light the firewood to melt the snowman so you get a hat and key.

Level 17: Put a nose, scarf and arms on the snowman to complete him.

Level 18: Match the same images together – a little memory game.

Level 19: Move the red mini carpet thing to catch the snowflakes.  The door will open once the bar on the right hand side is full.

Level 20: Create the numbers 2013.  The numbers 2 and 0, are made of two blocks.  The “2” is made up of the third cell on the left, and the second cell on the right.  The “0” is made up of the second cell on the left and the first cell on the right.

Hopefully there’ll eventually be 100 levels so that this game matches its title!

100 Chimneys QR Code

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Developers: Amphibius Developers

Summary100 Chimneys: Christmas is coming for those 100 Doors and 100 Rooms gamers out there…Rating: 2/5 100 Chimneys is for niche puzzle gamers who’ve mastered the Doors and Rooms games out there.

Unfortunately this won’t be the Christmas treat which most people are looking for.

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