5 Secrets For Blog Brand Building ~

5 Secrets For Blog Brand Building

For some people, blogging is a passion, a hobby, an extracurricular. For others its a way to promote a business or build a brand  a way to lay the groundwork for an overall internet presence. If youre the type of blogger who falls into that second group but youre just not sure youre branding everything the way you should be, take a look at these five secrets to building a better brand for your blog.

Is your blog a business blog? Great! Youre one step ahead of the game. If its not you need to think of it that way and do everything from develop a logo to creating a tagline. Branding is all about consistency and you want your blog to be the flagship of your brand. Your brand and voice have to be visually apparent on every page. Simply put, make sure your blog doesnt look like every other WordPress site out there, even if that means paying for a custom template. The brand value will be worth it.

No one brand covers everything. Its important, particularly if youre a one-man operation, to make a space for yourself and develop a reputation among your social network as an expert in a particular area. Whether its gluten-free baking or stock advice for baby boomers, blog often and consistently in the area you want to become a big fish in. Reach out to other bloggers and businesses in that sphere and attend real world events. Generally just make your name synonymous with a particular segment.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to build your own brand is to hitch your wagon to someone elses. By now you should have several blogs and bloggers you admire within your industry  reach out to them and ask to guest post. Try to score a link in the post to your own blog but if not, a simple header with your name and experience will do. Anything that gets you more street cred on a bigger, more popular blog will inevitably lead to more traffic and more recognition for your own blog brand.

Branding your blog obviously means putting the content out there in more ways than one. Using social media to promote your blogs brand is a great way to build a devoted audience, but you have to be consistent. If youre irreverent and sarcastic on your blog, for example, people will expect that kind of content from you on other sites. Give them what they want and youll further cement your brand voice.

Not only does blogging constantly

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