Orphea Studio for photo and media agencies


latest version of Orphea DAM is a fruit of over 10 years of

technological and functional development from the experience of over

50 power users in more than 10 countries – Photo Agencies and Media

& Press Groups.


accompanying these clients along all these years, we learned all

their technological and business challenges under continuously

evolving market conditions. Our

expertise also allowed these clients to concentrate on their business

with its constant pressure and shortening delivery cycles.

Today, Algoba with its partner

network offers the quality full

to allow the

of a

professional workflow and a tailored media database for Photo

Agencies and Media Professionals.

Designed to operate on Oracle®, Orphea Studio DAM (Digital Asset Management)

is a complete solution for the management and cataloguing of multimedia documents.

Orphea DAM covers all the needs of photo and Press agencies for multimedia databases : photo libraries…

Orphea answers the needs of specific automated processes such as restrictions, FTP batch uploads, IPTC, XMP, etc, used everyday for international distribution.

Orphea DAM is an answer to the full range of needs represented by enterprises who must professionally manage multimedia databases: cataloguing of digital files, indexation, publication on a Web interface, document searching, retrieval of hi-resolution documents, and the handling of requests for these documents online or otherwise.

Orphea Studio RIM (Royalty/Invoice Management) is a commercial management tool which is specially designed for organizations that need to manage their multimedia business and the associated royalties.

Orphea Studio RIM is an additional module to Orphea Studio DAM, which allows the visualisation of the media files and the associated data when preparing an offer or an invoice.

The complete edition includes an integrated EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) module which allows for the exchange of data with other information systems. This module lets you link a set of price lists to categories of customers, by activity sector, country, etc.

The picture tracking is facilitated by RIM which records the users’s downloads and orders made on Orphea Web.The calculation of Royalties is automatically generated from Orphea’s invoices.

Reports and statistics are provided by the RIM module and can be exported to the main accounting/ERP applications.

It is also possible to import lists of customers and price lists into the RIM module.

Orphea Studio is a professional solution for Digital Asset Management (DAM), based on Oracle and operate in full web mode.

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