Abstract should be written as .doc or .docx. Turkish characters are not allowed to use. Prepared document should be recorded according to Ecology2017, participant name, surname, and no space (For example, Ecology2017_Erkan_Urey).

Page size: A4 (29.7 x 21.0 cm)

Margin: Margin should be arranged as up:2.5 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, left 3.0 cm, right 2.5 cm.

Font type: Times New Roman font type and 12 point should be used.

Line gap: Title and text should be arranged as single gap.

Title: Title should be qualified to reflect the content of work. First letter of each words will be capital. Title should be bold and justified. Title can not be include abbreviation (taxons should be written in italic and author name exclude).

Authors: Name of authors should be written clearly (No abbreviation). Academic titles should not be used. Foundations and addresses should be given with superscript. Name and surname of the presenter should be underlined.

Subtitles and text: Text should be arranged as justified. Abstract text should include subtitles as ‘‘Introduction’’, ‘‘Material and methods, ‘‘Results, and ‘‘Discussion’’. At least 5 keywords should be supplied. Acknowledgements section should not exceed 3 line. If there is project support, it is pointed out in this section. Figures or tables are not allowed in the text.

Introduction: Important studies related to topic and novelty of work should be defined. If ethics committee decision is needed, number of the committee decision should be added to end of the text.

Material and method: Material, method and operations which is used in study should be defined clearly.

Results: Obtained data should be given.

Discussion: In this section, author(s) should be examine the results of observations, calculation or evaluation.

Number of words: Text should be restricted as 400 words.

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