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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 Baitcasting Reel

The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 baitcasting reel is a legend among many anglers. The Ambassaduer reel has been known for its durability and strength. Unlike many other reels that have evolved overtime to become lighter, lower profile shadows of their former selves, the Ambassadeur has remained true to its roots. The Ambassadeur 6500 C3 retains it traditional round design that has made it the “Best selling baitcasting reel of all time.”

The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 comes standard with 2 stainless steel bearings and 1 stainless steel roller bearing. The time tested combination of the 3 stainless steel ball bearings have made anglers confident that the Ambassadeur will not let them down when heading out for a day on the water. The stainless steel roller bearing provides trouble free instant anti-reverse even during hard hook sets on big fish.

To ensure that the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 continually performs flawlessly, the levelwind system is chemically nickel coated. The chemical nickel plating process provides 100 percent corrosion resistant coverage, over vital components.

There are two components of the new Ambassadeur 6500 C3 reels that could be considered a slight evolution over older models. The first is the addition of the 6 pin centrifugal brake system that reduces backlash for novice anglers. The other is the change over to Abu Garcia’s Carbon Matrix Drag System. Not only does the Carbon Matrix Drag System offer more consistent drag pressure, it also has a max pressure of 24 pounds, which is 30 percent greater than other reels in the same class.

The new Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 is sure to uphold the family name, and continue to be a go to reel for many anglers.

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