Abu Garcia REVO SX-HS-L Series Baitcasting Reel | Baitcasting Reels

Abu Garcia REVO SX-HS-L Series Baitcasting Reel

Product DescriptionThe low-profile baitcast reels that started a REVOlution among serious anglers everywhere. These are the reels that are getting all of the Buzz, and have anglers across the country replacing their beloved Chronarchs and Curados with their new favorite fishing reel, the Revo. Why you ask? Anglers will tell you that they are more comfortable in your hand (lower profile), every bit as smooth, have more fish fighting power due to the oversized main drive gear, hold more line, hold up outstandingly in both fresh or salt water, are far less expensive, and most of the Revo family includes a 24 lb. drag system that is 2 to 3 times more powerful than any other reel in their class. All Revos are made from X-Craftic aluminum alloy that provides corrosion resistance unsurpassed in the fishing reel industry. Oh, and did I mention that the Revos are far less expensive? Don’t take our word for it. Get yourself a Revo and join the REVOlution. You too will claim it as your…

List Price: $279.95

Sale Price: $192.75

You save: $87.20 (31%)

Sale Price: $99.99 – $216.99
















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