App Locker for Windows Phone Free Download

App Locker for Windows Phone Free Download


App Locker for Windows Phone 8/8.1  World is changing continuously and new threats to be challenged everyday. To stay safe you have to keep you keep yourself protected by extra layer of security and the same phenomena applies to your mobile phones. So here in this tutorial we are providing download link of App Locker for Windows phone to keep you apps and sensitive information secure. App Locker is popular app on the android phones and used to password protect individual apps installed on your mobile phone. Similarly you can use this app in your Windows phone to lock the apps. Security is always required when you want keep some things private and hidden. You can easily protect files on your Windows phone by using App Locker. You can download App Locker for Windows Phone from this page, download links are provided at the end of this page, but before installing this app read some features of App Locker for Windows.

App Locker Windows Phone  Key Features

Download & Install App Locker for Windows Phone

This app is working on all the Nokia Lumia mobile phones. Follow the steps given below to download and install App locker on your Windows phone.

App Locker Windows Phone 

App Locker Pro Windows Phone 

Once it is downloaded on your mobile then it will automatically install on your mobile phone.

Open the App Locker and set password for apps.

If your app is handling sensitive information(Private, Confidential, passwords) the it is always recommended that you provide extra level of encryption on the app. There are many other ways to secure your Windows phone apps but the easy one is put a password on it so other users cant use the apps.

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