Rovio’s Bad Piggies App For iOS & Android Review: Make Pigs Fly 

Bad Piggies App Review

When the developers Rovio initially came out with ‘Angry birds’ they had no idea it was going to be such a big hit. “Angry birds” is what we have termed as “Viral” in every aspect of its nature. Think about all the different merchandise available in shops and markets, genuine or a knock-off that incorporates the faces of these very popular birds. What could be done to follow it up? The answer was not what everyone expected, and people were introduced to ‘Amazing Alex’. However, not everyone was pleased by the game and eventually Rovio had to release a new game titled “Bad Piggies”. In this game the player plays with the villains from Angry Birds.

Bad Piggies combines the physics in Angry Birds with the ‘Contraption Building’ tasks from Amazing Alex to create a unique experience that is sure to be a success.

bad piggies app review

Bad Piggies – Gameplay

In this game, the player uses the material available to him/her to create a contraption around a particular pig and make sure he gets to the finish line. The player also needs to make use of the environment to help the pig reach the finish line. What the player has to do is design some kind of a vehicle using the contraption around the pig and set it off to see if it reaches the finish line. The player is also responsible for removing any barriers in its path to avoid the pig getting damaged. The player has to control the progress of the cart or the vehicle throughout the level.

The levels at the beginning are not too demanding and can be completed easily. The approach should be that of a soap box derby though the cart would be made of pine. The aim is to get the pig across the finish line by using as few pieces as possible. The initial tools provided are mainly for thrust, bellows, coke-and-mentos and umbrellas. As the player progresses through the game, the different means for motions and pivots keep changing and the tools at hand become much more complex. All the while, it is important to get the Pig across the finish line even if the track has become hard to maneuver in.

bad piggies review

In the second part of the game, the developers manage to actually take it to the next level. You use equipment like balloons and sandbags to keep the pig elevated in the air or bring it down just a tad bit. Future additions are air foils and tails. The levels throughout this chapter get tougher as the player advances. It takes some understanding of the game dynamics in order to finish the 70 levels available. In this game, Golden eggs have been replaced with Pig Skulls. The players always reserve the ability to come back and gain three stars on all levels. However, the requirements for top achievements in each level are different. It is all about how quick the pig crosses the finish line or what bonuses it picks up along the way. It is also detrimental to make sure that the mechanism around the pig stays intact. Such are the requirements of 3 stars if the players want to achieve them. The achievements are cumulative and can be gathered over several attempts.

Bad Piggies – Graphics and Visuals

The visuals of this game are somewhat nostalgic and one cannot help but remember all the maps and locations in Angry Birds. Clearly, it is visible in the style and nature of the visuals that Rovio is the developer. The items have been carefully and intricately built. However, sometimes it becomes hard to figure out which contraption carries what function.

The performance was alright in speaking terms but clearly needs some work in specific areas. The graphics of the game aren’t as smooth as they should be and this being spoken after tests on a Transformer Prime. It is a little disappointing the fact that some Physics system movements in the game also need improvement as one would not expect this from such a glorified game. The possibility to have two runs with the same variables but end up with different outcomes is somewhat disheartening at the very least.

Bad Piggies – Sounds and Effects

The simple thing about the Music is that even though it’s in the background it’s somewhat mellow and non-intrusive, which is good. And the effects noise from the gawking birds in Angry Birds has been replaced with a single groaning pig noise.

Bad Piggies – Conclusion

Even though there may be some aspects of the game that still need to be fixed, one can be assured that they will be fixed in the future updates. The game is not exactly perfect but is sure to be a popular download just for the idea and originality that it involves. If you want to play a game that can provide you with hours of fun, then this is the game app you should go for.

You can download Bad Piggies for $0.99 from the App Store. You can download Bad Piggies for free from the Google Play Store. Feel free to comment.