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Baitcasting Reel Guide

Which of the two reels is better is really a question of what the fisherman likes and is perhaps used to. It also is perhaps a question of what the fisherman is fishing for, what he is using for bait, and what the conditions are at the time.

Although a bait casting reel may seem a bit intimidating and difficult to get used to when starting out, with this guide you should be able to master how to cast a bait casting reel with a little bit of time and effort.

Backlash can be aggravating and embarrassing.

Your first tendency may be to blame the equipment or your luck. The secret powers that control the bad things that happen to fishermen are really just circumstances that can be controlled.

A Look at Spooling a Baitcasting Reel

So it’s the start of the season and you have decided to replace the line on a baitcasting reel…what next? The line on your reel should be replaced at least once every season

The baitcasting reel, is a reel on which the line is mounted on a spool on top of the rod. These spools are shaped like your typical spool of thread and give the baitcaster a sideways look compared with some other reels.

When anglers make short, direct semi-casts or half-casts with bait, it’s called flip and pitch with baitcasting reels. Most fishermen will flip bait when the water is murky and pitch when the water is crystal clear. Flip & pitch with baitcasting reels is a technique that can be mastered.

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