Best Action/Thriller movies on Netflix for android.

Best Action/Thriller movies on Netflix for android smartphones.


Best action/thriller movies on Netflix: Netflix is an app which houses lots of different movies to be viewed using different platforms. Android is one group which can support Netflix. Netflix has different categories of movies this will range from actions to romantic movies among others. The knowledge of top movies which you can watch is quite important particular when you are searching for a movie to watch. If you are action or thriller fan then below I have listed some of the best movies available on Netflix for android users. Just take a look:

Best Action/Thriller movies on Netflix for android:

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

This movie was produced in 2011.It features Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner. It has been directed by Brad Bird. This movie is about super-agent Ehtan Hunt and his team being framed for bombing. They were framed to have boomed Kremlin. They engage in a deadly mission to try and clear there name.

Sin City

This is an intertwined tale. It involves a gumshoe who gets mixed with dangerous gang, an ex-con avenges the death of a hooker and a cop saves a dancer from being raped. The three of them find their paths crossing and they try to redeem themselves. This movie was produced in 2005 and features Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis. It has been directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. Netflix app is also available on app store. So you can make use of Netflix app to download movies on iphone or ipad.

Walk on Water

This movie features Lior Ashkenazi, Caline Peters and Knut Berger. This is an engrossing thriller. It involves an agent who is mandated to hunt down Nazi war criminals that are fugitive to his country. The agent uses the tactic of befriending the grandchildren of the Nazi War criminal so that he can come close to criminal. This movie was produced in 2004.This movie can also be found in drama and crimecategories

Blue Ruin

This movie is about Dwight Evans being sent on a mission for a bloody retribution which takes him back to his home town. This town is filled with lots of memories about his childhood. This movie was produced during 2013 and features Macon Blair, Amy Hargreaves and Devin Ratray. This movie can also be found in Independent films category.


Six people are found trapped in a maze of interlocking cubes, they have no idea as to why they are there and how they got there. They try to find a way out. This movie features David Hewlett, Nicole de Boer and Maurice Dean Wint. It was produced in 1997.

Jack Reacher

This movie features Tom Cruise and Rosamund pike. This movie involves an ex-military cop who investigates a sniper. The sniper is accused of five homicides. This leads to a dangerous cat and mouse chase. This movie was produced in 2012.

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These are the highly rate thriller movies on Netflix. Hope you find the article really helpful. Do tell any other interesting movies available on Netflix in comments:

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