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The Callaway iQ Laser Rangefinder with new LCD technology is our most advanced Laser Rangefinder for tour caddies and players.  The lightweight iQ Rangefinder comes equipped with Active Brightness Control for simulated readability of targets in any lighting condition. iQ calculates distance to the target based on incline or decline data as well as the actual distance to the target, taking the guesswork out of your club choice and speeding up play. Weighing less than 1/2 lb., the iQ fits in your pocket.

One touch is all you’ll need to find out the distance to the green or fairway, as far away as 1,000 yards. And the iQ features Nikon’s First Target Priority Mode, which allows the rangefinder to pick out the pin flag’s distance ahead of all the other results it might get from the trees directly behind it.


Callaway iQ Nikon Reviews:

Great value and quality. It found the pins all the time quickly. Highly recommended.

Waited a long time for the “IQ” to be released. It was worth the wait. Great / clear optics Accuracy is on the money. Lightweight, easy to carry. Great range. I am very pleased.

I am a relative newcomer to the game and still learning distances with my various clubs. I’m thrilled to be able to “read” the pins, and especially appreciate adjusted distances based on slope to the greens. It was very pricey, so I would say this is a “you get what you pay for.”

Love this rangefinder! Small size is a nice feature-fits in your pocket when necessary. Works great, easy to find the target and easy to read yardages. I’ve had a couple of Bushnell rangefinders but his one is better. The slope feature is an added benefit.

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