Care for some tea miss? Modern Minimalist Toddler boy’s playkitchen

We have been talking about it for weeks, but we finally did it. We built The Beast his very own, manly, toddler boy kitchen.

You know what has been the most surprising thing about this whole process (other than how itchy your hands get after using the vibrating sander)?

It has to be how shocked people are when the subject of wanting/building The Beast a play kitchen came up. Dude likes to serve a little tea – is that so wrong?

Did you know some of the world’s most famous chefs are men? Did you?

Sorry for all of the question marks. My bad.

We decided to make The Beast a kitchen because, well, our house is under 1000 sq ft and space comes at a premium around here. We really didn’t need The Beast to have a kitchen that was bigger than our little galley (not literally – that is ) kitchen.

So, this weekend, we did just that. We built a small foot print, modern, minimalist kitchen for our toddler boy.

AND HE LOVES IT. From the sink, to the stainless steel pots and pans from IKEA, to the side-by-side cabinets where he can switch everything from one side…to the other…and then right back again.

He will serve you tea straight from his faucet, then he will cook you up some tomatoes and garlic (the carrots are served raw, so watch out) and then, he will climb into his basin sink and take a bath *sigh*.

A little about the kitchen:

It took:1 sheet of MDF (not the whole sheet, but we bought a whole sheet)2 handles from IKEA4 knobs from IKEA1 free faucet from Lowe’s Home Improvement (Thank you awesome Lowe’s dude who gave us a broken display model for free – oh and for getting the huge ladder, and climbing it for us. Home Depot wouldn’t even entertain the idea of us buying a broken/outdated display at a reduced cost. Jerks.)1 8 x 10 piece of plexi glassSome old paint we had laying around….and some other bits and pieces that I am too tired to write out, but just things like the hinges and screws, you know, boring stuff.

Our biggest asset though was my husband, Gray. He killed it. He took my crazy demands and turned them into this awesome kitchen. He would say something like, “So, 14 inches high?” and I would say, “I dunno. How high is 14 inches, what does that look like? I don’t get it. What are you saying?” Yeah, he put up with that crap all weekend. “I dunno. What does 5/8ths look like?”. MmmHmmm.

Our next order of business is either going to be making him some felt food, an awesome dish towel or, Gray really wants to cut in a vintage clock face on the backsplash of the oven – and I might just agree to it.

No matter though, he loves it, and has been busy in the kitchen ever since we set it down (hence the blurry photos)

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