Chapter 10 : RATs (Hacking on Server’s PC) |

Chapter 10 : RATs (Hacking on Server’s PC)


: A

Remote Administration Tool (known more commonly

on the Internet as a

RAT) is used to remotely connect and manage a…




Remote Administration Tool (known more commonly

on the Internet as a

RAT) is used to remotely connect and manage a

single or multiple

computers with a variety of tools, such as:RAT Trojan Horses :Many

trojans and backdoors now have remote

administration capabilities

allowing an individual to control the

victim’s computer. Many times a

file called the server must be opened

on the victim’s computer before

the trojan can have access to it. These

are generally sent through

email, P2P file sharing software, and in

internet downloads. They are

usually disguised as a legitimate program

or file. Many server files

will display a fake error message when

opened, to make it seem like it

didn’t open. Some will also kill

antivirus and firewall software. RAT

trojans can generally do the

following: Download, upload,

delete, and rename filesPopular RAT

Software :How to use it ?So a short

tutorial on how to use optix for you guys..1) INTRO :It

isnt that hard to use.The Program used to build server files are :.ClientClient.exe

= Client.BuilderBuilder.exe = Builder 2) Quick Start Tutorial:1)

Open Builder2) Click”Build/Create Server:” button3) Save Server

as “server.exe”4) Click UPX Packing5) Click OK6) Run

Server.exe on the computer you wish to administrate (WARNING: NOT ON

YOUR OWN COMPUTER!!!)7) Open Client8) Type in IP Address of

other computer9) Hit the Green Button in top-right hand corner to

connect!To find out exactly how to use a particular part of the

program, simplyhover your mouse button over the face of a button,

control etc. and a”help hint” will appear instructing you as to the

purpose of thatparticular field/button etc.UPX Packing is

automated in the server build process if you wish to packyour file!to

get an up-2-date copy of BlackFire’s cgi logger (cgi notification)go


a new logger ( is also provided inthis

version. Advanced users check it out!3) FEATURE LIST :v1.33


limited way! (own risk)Client SOCKS 4/5 SupportPower Options –

logoff,suspend,reboot,shutdown etc.Server Information – Get info

about builder settingsFile ManagerProcess ManagerWindows

ManagerRegistry ManagerFTP ManagerSOCKS 4/5 ServerRemote

IP ScannerPort RedirectApplication RedirectService ManagerMessage

BoxMatrix Chat (Client-2-vic)Client-2-Client chatComputer

InformationGet Passwords – (RAS/Cached – 9x and AIM)Online Key

Logger – (now window titles)Screen Capture with left click mouse

manipulationKeyboard Manipulation – (more advanced)Cam CaptureSendKeys

– old version of SendKeys for older serversHumor normals – Flash

keyboard lights, Monitor on/off, Disable keyboard/mouse etc.Humor

Screen Printer – print text to their screen!v1.33 – Server Side :COMPATIBLE

WITH ALL PREVIOUS CLIENT VERSIONS! in a limited way! (own risk)Configurable:Notification

Information SeparatorsIP Address SeparatorInfo included in any

NotificationIdenfitication NameServer PortServer PasswordFake

ErrorServer IconRegistry Run startupRegistry RunServices

startupwin.ini startupsystem.ini startups7 special method

startup!Server File NameStart Directory (windir/sysdir)Melt

ServerUnlimited ICQ Number NotificationUnlimited CGI Script

NotificationUnlimited IRC Server/channel NotificationUnlimited

PHP Script NotificationUnlimited SMTP NotificationToggling

killing of in-built exe/service list for firewallsToggling killing

of in-built exe/service list for Anti-VirusToggling killing of

in-built exe/service list for packages classifed as both anti-virus and

firewall!Unlimited Number of custom exe’s to killUnlimited

Number of custom services to killEasily Automated UPX Packing if

needed.Option for unpacked or packed server with your own packer if

wanted (instructions clear)


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