Creating an Online Server for ANY Game

We’ve all played online before. Whether it be a PC, console, or handheld game. And you’ve always wanted to be able to play with your friends, and them only. Well, luckily, with the power of a tool called LogMeIn Hamachi, you can do that. For any game. Anytime.

how to make a gmod server

Brief introduction

LogMeIn Hamachi, in short, is free software developed by LogMeIn which allows you to utilize its servers to create your own private, safe networks where your friends can join (log in) with a network name and password. Hamachi gives you your own IP off LogMeIn’s servers. And from that IP, only people in your networks can join you in any game. No port-forwarding needed. It comes in really useful, and it is available for any game that supports direct connect multiplayer.

Of course, port-forwarding is a thing, right? Yes, it is. But through my testing, it is unsafe. It allows anyone with a connection to you to join any game you have hosted. They can see your public IP and will be able to track your location. You’ll hear many things from many people, but from MY experience, I don’t find port forwarding very safe. Hamachi only allows people from YOUR network to join in.


Install & setting up your server


To begin setting up your server, click this link and download the Unmanaged version. Be sure to check the Terms and Conditions agreement box at the near-bottom of the screen to be able to proceed. From here, run the installer and get it completed. Now, you should have your Hamachi window open. Click the Power button within the interface and get yourself started up.

Once this completes its process, you can set your username and password. I’d recommend you create a LogMeIn account (it doesn’t have to be paid) and link your Hamachi user to there. Give your computer a nice restart. (If it’s giving you a tunneling engine error on startup, refer to the bottom of this post.) Now, you can start to set up your network.

Click on the “Network” tab near the top of the window. Go into “Create a new network” and proceed with what it tells you. You can name your server anything you’d like, but I prefer something more professional. You know, the ALL_CAPS_SOFTWARE_ENGINEER_PROFESSIONAL_LOOK. But you can experiment around with it if you wish.

Your password should be random and long, as this is very important towards the safety aspect of Hamachi. Most likely you’re here because you want to know more about its safety. Create the server, and you’re ready to continue.

Don’t forget: if you DID create a LogMeIn account and linked your Hamachi user, be sure to right-click on the server you just created in the server list of your Hamachi window and click “Transfer ownership to LogMeIn account.” This way you’ll be able to have complete control over your network in a more efficient environment from LogMeIn’s website.

Important: LogMeIn allows you to create a Free network, which will allow only up to 5 people (including yourself.) However, this does not stop you from creating multiple networks. Having multiple networks gives you more room to have more people, and everyone that’s in any of the networks will be able to connect to each other with the IP that Hamachi gives you.

I, for one, have 4 networks each with all different people and multiple PC’s for one user. As long as you’re the one who’s controlling the server, anyone in any of your networks can join in. And there will be no issue connecting two or more people who are in your different networks.

For others to join, they must go through the entire install process, but must go into “Join existing network” in the Network tab near the top of the window. Tell them to type in the network name you created with the password you associated to it. Then, once they join, you’ll be all set to create and run servers in games.


How to connect in games


Now, to the main idea of this entire article, I’m going to tell you (finally) how to connect to one another. First off, the NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR must be hosting the server. This, once again, can be any game. You may be looking on how to make a Gmod Server. So, take Garry’s Mod for example (this applies to any Source Base 2007 game.)  Launch up the server
for multiple people. This doesn’t have to be set to a Local Server.

Once it’s all loaded, have your friends (or foes) enter in your Hamachi IP. This is located at the top of the Hamachi window. It’s a set of numbers in this format: Send that to IP to your network members. They can also get this by going to your username in the network users list (drop-down for the network in your Hamachi UI), right-click, and get IPv4 address.

To connect in any Source Base 2007 game (Counter-Strike: Source, Garry’s Mod, etc.): type connect [host Hamachi IP]

Other games, such as Marble Blast, only require you to start the server and have people direct connect. This is the same with Minecraft.

Now you’re in the server. Congratulations, you’ve completed the set-up process for Hamachi.


FAQ & common error fixes


1. My game is telling me “failed to connect after 4 retries” (or error in engine, tunneling error.) What’s this about?

To fix this (for Windows), go into the Start Menu (for W8 users, go into your Windows Explorer) > Right-click Computer > Manage > (left sidebar) Services and Applications > (drop-down menu) Services > Look for “LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine” > Right-click on it and click Start.

You can alter this in the future to automatically start up every time you launch Windows, as it should already.

2. It says for my friend “the network does not exist.” What to do here?

Keep restarting the PC and try to link Hamachi to a LogMeIn account. If that doesn’t work, look into online forums and Yahoo Answers.

3. Some games aren’t allowing my friends to connect at all. What’s up with that?

Yes, some games are created that do not support third-party network providers like Hamachi. Take Sanicball for instance. But that’s not a seriously-developed game. For the most part, you’ll be totally fine.

4. Which games do I NOT NEED Hamachi for?

Games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty (Black Ops 2 onwards), etc..




Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy using Hamachi for many applications (not just games) and you were able to glide through this tutorial quickly and easily. Be sure to look around for other helpful tutorials.

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