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Daiwa Steez Baitcasting reel

When a company like Daiwa decides to replace their flagship reel with a new product, there is little doubt about its quality. Replacing the Daiwa Japan TD-Z, the Daiwa Steez represents the culmination of the best and most researched reel and line technologies. Coming out of the box at a mere 5.5 ounces, the Steez positions itself as being one of the lightest-in-class, coming in even lighter than the Daiwa Pixy!

The machined spool on the interior of the reel is where it really gets interesting, as this is the first, and most obvious upgrade made from the standard TD-Z reels. Daiwa has incorporated the same rotor it first debuted in their limited edition TD-Z reels, making for a far more even and consistent pull of the line. Additionally, the Steez’s implementation of Daiwa’s MagForce V Brake Control System takes it up yet another notch, making it a simple and light casting machine.

The drag system on the Steez is another improvement over the previous TD-Z models. Utilizing new materials to make the internal washers, the Steez provides more consistent performance over the TD-Z. While an improvement, the drag systems still leaves something to be desired.

Due to its magnesium construction, the reel can feel a bit hollow during the retrieve. The upside is that this hollow chamber allows for much better control and feedback from the lure itself. Due to its 80 millimeter handle and quick retrieve times, the Daiwa Steez Baitcaster is best suited for jig and worm fishing. A definite improvement over the flagship TD-Z, the Steez is a solid reel that is built to last longer than most anglers. Daiwa’s forethought, precision and comittment to quality definitely come through in their most recent product introduction.

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