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Before Cora was born I saw this little Giraffe teether on a post on Two Week Wait and I fell in love. Though she now costs approximately anywhere from

depending on where you buy her, I knew I had to have it as one of Cora’s first toys.

And I was not disappointed. Cora chomped and chewed and banged the little giraffe well past her first year of life. In fact a psychotherapist hired by the French company that makes Sophie explained that babies love Sophie because she taps into all five senses:

“…sight with its strongly contrasting colors; hearing with its easy squeak; taste because it is easy to chomp on; and the touch and smell of the natural rubber. The toy’s petite size made it easy for babies to grip”

I even listed Sophie as one of my runners up in my list of .

So I wonder, do you Sophie? And if you do, does your little one love Sophie as much as Cora loved hers? I found that so many babies had Sophie at the play-groups I attended that if I hadn’t marked Cora’s initials with a Sharpie on one of her hooves, there were many times I may have gone home with someone else’s little teether.

If you don’t Sophie, why not? Would you love one as a gift? And to the French (where little Sophie is still produced), VIVE LA SOPHIE!

And there’s just something awesome about giraffes.

The long neck, the spots…..xoxoxoxoxoxoo

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