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I planned an epic date day filled with things he has wanted to do for, forever, but would never do for himself and this is what I came up with for our date in San Diego.

First of all though, can I just say that after leaving for our first activity and snapping this picture I can totally understand why people love to visit San Diego, I mean, look at this!For our first activity we got up bright and early, dropped off The Beast at his Grandparents’ house (Thanks Sue!) and went ….On a ! Truth be told, I didn’t expect this activity to be half as fun as it was. I thought it would be a huge tourist trap, but Gray has been wanting to do it for forever so I was willing to brave the masses. TURNS OUT THOUGH, not only was it an amazing experience to see San Diego from the bay and venture out to see the Gray Whales, but the Captain of our boat was amazingly knowledgeable, and passionate about the beautiful creatures and their . One thing that really struck me about the cruise, and Hornblower as a company though, was how conscientiousthe Captain/Staff/Company was about respecting the whales. While we were a presence, we were never in their way, nor did we get too close (legally you can not be within 100 yards of the Gray whales, and our Captain reported those who were in violation of this law to the Coast Guard. I cheered on the inside).

After our

we ventured over to . Home of the 50% ground beef 50% ground bacon burger. Gray was beyond excited (while I devoured a vegan burger with fresh asparagus). They have over 110 beers, and fried pickles (our first time trying them, and I see why they are so popular). Need I say more?

After Slaters 50/50 we met up with Charlotte and Eric at the

for a double date, and I was shocked that I have lived in North County San Diego all my life and never knew that this winery, and all of the surrounding shops existed. I have decided that Charlotte and I should plan a wine drinking play date here as there were tons of people with their wee ones enjoying a glass of wine outdoors. Charlotte says it would be a bad idea. I totally disagree.

Turns out though, that the winery is only open until 5 pm (it says 6 on the website and they were kind enough to stay open late, finish our tasting, and have fun with us but that meant we had to find food elsewhere). Which is fine, it gave us a chance to try out . Mussels, local craft beer, salad, and chicken. We were happy and full.

We finished our epic date day with a

game. Gray has always wanted to go to a hockey game, and I toyed with the idea of driving up to LA to see the Kings play, but staying in San Diego seemed like a better option — and I am so glad we did! Okay, so, the team might just be a bunch of adorable 18/19 year old kids hoping to get picked up by bigger teams but that just means they play their hearts out, and the stands are filled with passionate family members that bring the energy level up. We were right on the glass, and almost got hit by the puck a few times. Tickets were $8 and we are totally going again. Then we rushed home, grabbed our sleeping baby out of his crib and snuggled him all night in bed. It was epic. **A note about pictures. I was super awesome about taking pictures of whales, and once I had a

(delicious!) my picture taking slowly devolved to using my iPhoneand then directly to totally forgetting to take any pictures. Hopefully that explains a lot.

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