Eve Mattress Review

is made in Britain. They spent 12 years researching and developing to produce the right mattress for every individual. It has no spring and made from the new generation memory foam. Is it the most comfortable mattress ever made let see for ourselves.

The Mattress

The knitted mattress cover is made of two-way stretch polyester; Crafted to give the whole look more breathable and heightens the effects of memory foam. On the side is a color yellow fabric which completes the modern design of the mattress.

The layers include 2″ memory foam, 1.5″ poly foam and 6.5″ base foam. The contouring memory foam is put under the cover to provide relief on pressure points and encourage ease of movement while you sleep. The core is 30% more breathable than regular old memory foam while the base is high density foam that provides the mattress with great foundation.

Eve is a UK-based company; therefore all their products are designed in London and shipped to your front door in the US through Fedex. For safety reasons the foams are CertiPur certified and the cover is Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified. Therefore you’re sure to be using a healthy and environment friendly mattress.

The price

The price for a twin Eve mattress is $499 while a California King will cost you $949. Since it is made in Britain I expected it to be more expensive than those mattress manufactured in US. But as you can see it is priced affordably than a high end mattress in the market. Other sizes includes twin XL, full, king, queen.

Return and Warranty

Eve offers a 100 nights trial for you to make up your mind if you’ll keep or return it. If in any case you decide to return it they are ready to pick it up for you free of charge. Above all you’re refunded of the full amount. Hassle free and nothing to worry about just give them a call and they’ll arrange the pickup for you. Please take note that if you bought the mattress from Amazon it’s a different story. You may contact their customer service for any question regarding your return.

Eve provides a 10 year limited warranty it covers manufacturing defects and does not cover conditions resulting from normal wear and tear.


As a summary and final verdict Eve may be bit soft if you are a pure stomach or back sleeper. If you are into innersprings you might be disappointed with Eve since it is different from a traditional innerspring mattress. The mattress works best for side sleepers as it relieves pressure points.

As a final point if you’re into memory foam but want to avoid the sinking and getting stuck situation which is commonly present in any memory foam mattress in the market this is definitely a great choice.

Eve is a good quality mattress and can compete with any brand of in the industry. The review is based on owner’s perception as always your own preference matters.

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