Fallout Shelter Game Redeem Codes

Fallout Shelter Game Redeem Codes

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play video game that was developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It runs on Android and IOS devices both.

How To Play Fallout Shelter?

Build Vault :

In Fallout Shelter Android game, players have to build and control their own Vault or dome as an Overseer and supervisor– the leader and administrator of their Vault.

Guide and Lead dwellers :

Players conduct and lead the citizens of the Vault, and try to make them happy through fulfilling their needs such as their jobs, power, food, and water. In Fallout shelter Android game, They Send Dwellers under ground to investigate the blasted surface and land left behind and look for adventure.They rescue and save dwellers from the wasteland and allot them to different resource-generating buildings in their Vault, using the Specific statistics system from the other Fallout games. Each character’s Specific profile impact their ability and power to generate various resources, and their statistics can be extended by instructing them in rooms regarding each statistics.

Level up :

The dwellers can help level up over time, maintaining their health, and can be given them new items, tools, and weapons to help with several different tasks.

Fallout Shelter Cheat Codes For Android and IOS :

  • For Redeem Bundle of 5 Lunchboxes – vl3RZpeKtj.
  • For Redeem Lunchbox – 3lLdwgQlQp
  • For Redeem Bundle of 15 Lunchboxes – VzeOhOcKdf.
  • For Redeem Bundle of 40 Lunchboxes – kMX8k7IVPO.
  • For Redeem Bundle of 5 Mr. Handys – ezO8ooW3KD.
  • For Redeem Mr. Handy – cGagb4gpJl.
  • For Redeem Bundle of 5 Pet Carriers – nDHo7rxL2x.
  • For Redeem Starter Pack – G3EbkwUfz2.
  • For Redeem Pet Carrier – 1haIcMLR6o.
  • For Redeem Bundle of 15 Pet Carriers – 0tlEAK1za5.

Enjoy the Fallout Shelter Cheat Codes when playing underground to create a brighter future!!

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