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The Beast likes animals just as much as the next kid.

Actually no.

No, that would be a lie.My kid likes animals 10x more than your kid. FACT.

We are going to have that weird obnoxious kid at the zoo that corrects you as you stop, turn to your child, point to the aviary, and say, “Honey, look at the parrot!” We will have that kid, that is like,

“Actually – that is a Hyacinth Macaw. Not just a parrot. It is the longest parrot by length in the world, they usually mate for life, and they are seriously endangered.”


So when I stumbled upon by Sharon Montrose, The Beast and I were both seriously smitten. The pictures are beautiful, simple and flawless. Have you ever tried to take a picture of a fox in a studio? Me either, but just thinking about the chaos makes me appreciate her work.

Not the cheapest animal print out there – but by far some of the most beautiful. Having dozens of these photos would be ideal, but if I am being totally honest, a bit out of our budget – so when I saw that Sharon Montrose had a book? I melted.

Reviewers on Amazon seemed a little disappointed by the book so I was a tad worried, but because of the price we bought two, one for The Beast, and one for someone else.

We couldn’t be happier. The negative reviews hinted at the notion that the book was small (just as listed it is 8 x 5), and that it wasn’t a book of all of her prints (ready to be ripped out and framed?). Which is totally true. As you can see above it is a mix of her prints, and also creatively framed images of her work – the animals can be quite small in a few spots, but the page is still gorgeous.

Ugh. We love it.

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