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A Hands-Free, Discreet Disposal System.

Just step on the on the ergonomic pedal to pop open the lid, then drop the refuse into the canister’s extra-wide opening. It’s that simple.


The Akord design fits any décor. Sleek and attractive, our canister looks great in any room of your home. It’s also perfect for nursing homes or assisted living centers.

The advanced“double seal” lid locks odors in. Our complete incontinence disposal system traps odors and keeps your room smelling clean and fresh.

Thanks to the foot pedal, operation of the Akord is hands-free. The hygienic design also ensures that you will not come in contact with the inside contents when emptying the unit.

Our continuous liner means there is never any wasted bag space – even if the unit is emptied before it’s full.

In addition to our zero-waste system, the liners are latex-free and are made from 20% recycled material.

The Akord has an 11-gallon capacity, while the Akord Slim has a 7-gallon capacity, limiting frequent emptying.

Our refills are powder-fresh scented and are made from super strong film that resists stretching and is tough on odor.

Simply removing the inner flap lid will convert Janibell Akord to an elegant trash receptacle..