Fix For Duplicate Meta Description Error In Google Webmaster Tools

Duplicate meta descriptions happens a lot more often than you would think. Best case scenario is that Google just ignores the extra meta data but that is still hurting your rankings? How? Well you have wasted a good amount of time working on something that isnt helping your site rank higher. In extreme cases it can even slow down sites (think multiple big & redundant descriptions on a mobile site). Webmaster tools shows duplicate

error for blogger homepage and individual pages that are posts. This doubling occurrence of meta tags for description appeared when blogger introduced search preferences last year that offered blogger users to insert dynamic description for every post they publish. You can find it this option inside blogger post editor named with

and you can add any description to the specific post.

How to fix it on blogger

1. Go To Blogger Dashboard > Template2. Please Backup your template in your computer drive.3. Click Edit HTML and Search for the following code

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