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Remember when I was like, “Oh, you guys know what you need? You need an awesome,

for summer!” And then I showed you a ton of big bags that you could take with you while you go out on summer adventures?

Well, I for one remember it. I am sure you do too, because there were some beautiful bags posted – beautiful bags that Charlotte and I ended up making friends with and taking on all sorts of awesome summer adventures.

What kind of adventures?

Well, we took our


The Pool (after pool trip, after pool trip, after pool trip)

The Sprinter (Train)

The Beach

The Beach (after beach trip, after beach trip, after beach trip)

The Post Office

The Grocery Store (as our bags)

The Wild Animal Park (or to everyone outside of San Diego, the )

Family Picnics

I think between Charlotte and I we have used our Baggus for basically every task you could think of, from carrying cats (WHAT?!? – a girl has to carry a bag of cats every now and then) to date nights – and these are just the bags. The Baggu Bags are BIG. I am talking – when we were on the train, we had and ERGObaby carrier, two big bottles of water, a thermos of milk, sunscreen, two towels, sand toys, snacks, diapers, a swim diaper, wipes, wallet, keys, cell phone and a camera, and it looked like this (okay, this without the ERGO).

Awesome right? In that particular picture we were able to put everything we needed into the Baggu for a train trip to the beach, walking to the beach, (no stroller required) a day at the beach, and then the trip back home. To say I was excited about this was an understatement.

Because the Baggus are so big, both Charlotte and I ended up using

(Zipper Bag XL, Zipper Bag L, Zipper Bag M and ) to organize the inside and make all the different components really work for our lives. For example, I used the Zipper Bag XL to hold diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. Instead of taking the whole bag with me for a quick trip out, I just grab the bag. Or, Charlotte uses the Zipper Bag S to act as a wallet. So if she is taking a family trip, she throws that zipper bag in the Baggu along with everything Cora and Eric needs and she is set – but for a date night, she just grabs the Zipper Bag and off she goes.

Date night?

Yeah, they are just.that.cute.

The elephant print is quite possibly my favorite.

Baggus are our extra hands at the grocery store, or play date, a spare tote that fits into your regular purse (they call come with their own mini bag they can be packed into — or that you will end up using as a makeshift snack bag for your toddler), a toy holder, basically, for us, they have acted as whatever we needed them to be at the time.

Also, somehow it didn’t make it into any pictures somehow, but our

has been our acting lunch bag, and it has been nothing short of fantastic. I am not a huge fan of packing a ton of food items that need to be kept cold, so for me, this works perfectly.

And on one income their price point doesn’t make me laugh, and then close the browser.

Charlotte wanted me to add a few more reasons why she loves her Baggus:

One item, lots of uses. Hello conscious consumption, oh, and did I mention that you can recycle your baggus? Once you are done with them, you can send them back and get a credit towards your next purchase. Sweet.

To put it mildly, we are both SOLD on Baggus. Love them!

I love your Baggu Bag! It’s a mom’s bestfriend esp when going out for a trip with the whole family. Would you know if these are available in the Philippines already> I will do my own research too. I love to bring eco-friendly foldable bags with me.Visiting from voiceBoks:Dangzter Online

Thursday, August 11, 2011 |

Great Question! And I believe the answer is yes!

They do ship internationally, and while it does cost more than shipping within the states, it isn’t ridiculous like other companies international shipping costs (especially if you do a group order)Check out the Baggu FAQ:

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