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Hey there!The Beasts battery died in his camera, and we

have yet to buy new ones, so I figured that I would write a little post about our upcoming adventure.

Check out what

are up to while they do their shake down cruise

In a few days we are leaving for an epic week of camping. Every year we head up to Sequoia National Forest over the labor day weekend, however, this year, Charlotte and her family have made our trip a bit more exciting and have invited us out to Two Harbors Catalina to camp for several days, then, we when we return Catalina, we will hop off the boat, head to our car and drive directly up to meet my Dad in the Sequoias.

As adults, Gray and I are excited. As a toddler who knows what a boat is, the beast can’t wait for our “boat trip” and “camping”. Dude loves camping. He loves camping so much that he has been crying daily because he thinks every time we hop in the car, we are going on the “boat trip”…….which means we have been doing a lot of ordering online (Thanks Amazon Prime!) instead of buying in person

We do a lot of camping as a family, but all of our camping gear up to this point has been a hodge podge of thrown together stuff in some shoddy Tupperware contain. So, since we will be carrying all of our gear on to the Catalina Express, and none of our bags can be bigger than 36” and we will have to wrangle a toddler who is excited about the boat. I didn’t want to deal with 6 bags, loose ends and chaos. We also needed to streamline our gear because we will have to leave some of it in the car is an organized way.

So what changes have we made to our gear?

from Our first change was how we carried stuff. We snagged a duffle bag and backpack from an Army Surplus store. I know our backpack is not actual surplus, just designed to mimic it, but the price was right, the zippers are sturdy and so is the stitching. Works for us. It isn’t beautiful, but it gets the job done.

from Amazon

We also snagged a duffle bag for items like sleeping bags, pillows and clothes. I am really excited about the bags because this also means storing of camping items will be easier, and less spread out. Making our camping trips more pleasant.

This is quite possibly what I am most excited about. Our cooking items for camping have taken up so much space. An old pan, some huge plastic plates, random cups. However, no more! Not for us. This nesting mess kit includes a 1.8L pot, a lid that can act as a strainer, a bag that acts as a sink, two cups, two insulated bowls and two spoons. Perfect for our family of three (we picked up an extra spork for The Beast). This is exciting. Be excited. I am excited.

Everything else we picked up was pretty mundane, reusable dish cloths from the 99 cent store instead of paper towels,so we can avoid dealing with a cooler on the island and some canteens.

We are set! My next task that I need to tackle before Saturday, activates for the the car ride to the Catalina Island Express, and from the ferry terminal to Sequoia National Forest.

Bring it on!

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