How to Generate Ideas for Writing A Blog Post

Are you trying to find things to write about for your website? Are you lost for ideas?

This process can be daunting at times, and it is the reason many people give up on the idea of building their own online business. What I am going to show you will transform the way you think about generating topics. This will help you to find a vast amount of good quality ideas for writing content for your site.

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Many ways exist that allow you to find content ideas, but in my opinion, what I will be discussing is a far easier way to get instant results.

I touched upon this subject in my article about keyword tools, and you will find by reading the whole of this post that there are many ways to research a topic.

When and Where Do You Start Finding Topics?

You should have, by now, created the framework for your site. Now you need to think about and decide what you are going to be sharing with your customers.

It is not always about finding things to sell to your clients. To be successful, you also need to provide valuable information that will help your chosen group in many other ways. This is great business ethics as an informed client is more likely to trust you more than one who is bombarded, with sales items. Plus, it also shows that you know a lot about your industry and are willing to help solve problems.

The other important thing to take into consideration at this point is what age group and sex of consumers you will be targeting. What I mean by this is whether your niche is in respect of babies, children, teenagers, middle aged, elderly or retired people.

Are you looking to help, males or females? Also, what specialist area of your niche is it, that you are looking to cover.

What Menus Should you Have?

All sites should start with basic menus:

  • Home
  • About me/us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact

The rest of the menus you incorporate depends on the type of niche you have selected. The main thing is to keep your menu descriptions short and try to keep them all on one line as this makes it easier for your visitors to navigate. Another advantage is to make your site look more professionally structured.

Google Instant and the Alphabet Soup

This is not a well-known method, but it works brilliantly to give a load of ideas that can be utilised for creating content. Using this method does take a bit of time to generate a full list. However, once you have your list, you will be writing for a very long time before you need to generate some more ideas.

The easiest and best way to explain this procedure is to show you. If you click on the video below it will take you a short video that last 6 minutes and 42 seconds.

Having watched the video, you will now be aware of how powerful this method is for finding interesting topics to write about for your site.

Just to reiterate what was shown on the video. Google Instant and the Alphabet soup technique uses the letters of the alphabet at the beginning, middle or end of your search term. This produces the results of things that everyday people are looking for in their searches.


If you are searching for ‘How to sell online’ this will give you four topics instantly that you could write about and discuss. However, using the alphabet soup method will increase your research power as follows:

(a) How to sell online
(b) How to sell online
(c) How to sell online
Etc all the way to (z)


How to sell online (a)
How to sell online (b)
How to sell online (c)
Etc all the way to (z)


How to sell (a) online
How to sell (b) online
How to sell (c) online
Etc all the way to (z)

You do not place brackets on the letters of the alphabet

If you continue this process, it will give you a whole host of options to write articles, posts and pages.

The alphabet soup can be used for any niche and to help expand on any idea that you have in mind for content.

Generating Ranking Content Titles

To find out which of the search results are worth using, you will need to use Keyword search Tool to check the ranking for the selected words and phrases you found. The keyword tool will tell you how many searches to expect per month, how many visitors you can expect and how much competition you will be up against for the heading and subject matter.

==>See My Jaaxy Review for Clarification of using Keyword Tools<==

Is There An Easier Way to Find Things to Write About?

If you read my review on a keyword tool called Jaaxy, you will have discovered that Jaaxy can automatically do this research rather than having to do the whole thing manually. That way you would be able to generate even more content ideas in a fraction of the time.

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I hope you have found this training helpful, but if you have any questions or thoughts on the topic please either leave a comment below or complete the contact form.

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