Get a free credit card and earn 25 dollars

Get a free credit card and earn 25 dollars

What is Payoneer: Payoneer is an e-commerce business that enable users to receive money directly onto a Credit Card.

Payoneer is recognized as a payment option by PayPal and several other online services. In order to use Payoneer one needs to . The application process is easy, and all you need is to be able to fill in your necessary details, as well as have a postal address where you will able to receive your card. Once you receive your card, you will need to log into your account that you created while applying for your card and put in the card number. If you do not have a postal address, fear not; keep reading.

Using payoneer is quite easy and it gives you the option of withdrawing using a bank account. Payoneer offers a US payment service where they give you a US bank account. The bank account is under your name and belongs only to you. When you give the bank account details to whoever you want to send you money, the money will go to the bank account created by Payoneer then you will receive the funds on your Payoneer Master Card. You can then be able to withdraw your funds from a local ATM in Kenya. The charges are quite reasonable, as they charge a 1% fee for using the Us Payment service.

The fees that Payoneer charge for using the Payoneer Mastercard are as follows


Price (USD)


How applied


Annual card account maintenance


Per card

From available card balance each year

Card replacement


One time

When issuing a replacement card

ATM Cash withdrawals or Transactions

ATM withdrawal


Per trx

When withdrawal is requested

Declined ATM withdrawal


Per trx

When withdrawal request Is declined

Purchase Transaction

Free *

Per trx

When card is used for purchases.

ATM Balance Inquiry


Per Trx

When inquiry is made

* When a transaction is made as a foreign transaction or is requested in a currency other than USD, charges of up to 3% may be assessed above all charges assessed by MasterCard for the transaction.

For balance inquiry it’s better checking your balance online, as it’s free and fast instead of paying $1 for every ATM inquiry.

In Kenya funds can be withdrawn from a variety of ATMs such as Barclays, KCB, Standard Chattered, I&M bank; just to name a few. Different banks offer different conversion rates. In my opinion I&M bank is one of the banks to offer very fair rates. Some KCB ATM’s offer withdrawals in dollars. The I&M bank ATM at the Airport also offers withdrawals in dollars.

Payoneer is a great service to use.In order to receive your card, you need a PO BOX where the card will be sent to.

If you want to

apply using my affiliate link. Applying using my affiliate link will enable you earn 25 dollarsonce you withdraw $100 dollars.. To make things sweeter if you apply with my affliate link I will let you use my PO box to receive your card and once it arrives I give it to you free of charge. (contact me for this, you will get immediate response)

And note Payoneer charges an annual fee of about 30$ for their card on available balance. Hence if you immediately load your Payoneer card with 30$ from PayPal and expect to withdraw, the amount will be deducted from the card. So for first time you load, load small amounts or just load what you want to withdraw plus the 30$.

If you don’t have a mailbox and you want to have your payoneer card, and you will apply using our affiliate link I will allow you to use my mailbox to receive your Payoneer card at a fee of only 100 ksh. Contact me via EMAIL: or for more information and to proceed further, and i can guide you step by step to filling the application.

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