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Recently Google, the Search giant, announced some updates in

Google adsense. For consistent the quality of its services, Google decided to

apply some restrictions on Adsense size and no of ads on a single page. With

growing online business, some adsenses policies have been updated and all user

who has a good health website can make a decent amount of money. Also Google

announced about appeal form a adsense disable before this announcement.

User who was displaying ads size of 300×600 with more than

1, then now they can only display 1 ad as mentioned size. For avoid any type of

illegal activity and to give useful content Google updated these policies.

For make opportunities, adsense user may display small size

ads on certain position as they want. Also we recommended you to not use the

more ads as mentioned in new policies and terms & conditions.

Google decided to make investment in India online business

due to high online marketing impact. In 2012, Indian were getting rejection by Google

for adsense without any reasons and also disapproved application without any

reply or warning. So Google India, promises to do best with adsense policies

for Indian user. Now if Indian user has good niche site and good traffic with

genuine traffic then they will be approved as before!

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