Google buys Avanto TV services

Google buys Avanto, a company with tech thats designed to make it easy for broadcasters to put live video online. The system is currently used by plenty of brand-name firms to pump out online video, edit clips in the cloud and handle pay-per-view transactions. Anvato counts companies like NBC and Fox Sports as customers, the former uses it as the backbone for, while the latter used it to stream the Super Bowl. Anvatos software and employees will now join Googles cloud platform team, enabling other firms to benefit from whats being called scalable media processing and workflows in the cloud.As TV becomes just another part of the internet, its not simply about which tech company can reinvent (part of) itself as a broadcaster. After all, Google may have already won the war thanks to YouTube, which itself now offers a premium TV option. But away from simply producing stuff for people to watch, theres also plenty of money in the infrastructure underpinning live TV. Its why Microsoft has Azure Media Services (used by the CW) and Amazon has AWS Digital Media, which Netflix uses to process its data. All in all, this move means that Googles dominance over the broadcasting world just got that little bit stronger.Also Read :-

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