4th Google Penguin Update Has Just Knocked Your Door – April 2012

Google’s very first Penguin algorithm was launched on April 24 2012, which was considered to be the biggest leap in the SEO market, and this is mainly because this new Penguin update was designed to take down the Big Spamming fishes of this SEO sea.

google penguin 2012After every new Penguin update, the Google Algorithm became much more advanced when it comes to hunting down spamming sites!

Following is the list of release date of different Google Penguin updates, which include:

  • First Penguin release  on April 24th, 2012
  • Penguin II on May 26th, 2012
  • Penguin III on October 5th, 2012
  • Penguin IV on May 22nd, 2013

Now with this all new 4th Google Penguin update which is released few days back has already took down a good number of sites mainly gaming and p*rn ones! It seems that, this 4th Penguin update has no place for such sites, as these are known to be the ones that do spamming to masses in the form of fake links, Fake descriptions, tags etc.

This Google Penguin update has destroyed such sites, as it is known to be the strongest one that has a great impact over Queries to masses.

Traits of Penguin IV:

Reasons why Google consider it to be the spam killer is that it is powered with Penguin 2.0 Technology, which is known to be the most distinctive technology ever used for stopping spam.

Google has not claimed anything for now when it comes to spam control, but they say that this thing should better stop spam, and by far it is found to be the most effective one.

Google always hated p*rn sites to masses, and with this update, it will not only be able to stop spam but also it will largely effect p*rn sites rankings too, as more than 98% of p*rn site use the assistance of fake links and spam in order to get their required traffic.

Penguin update number II and III were the updates with only minor changes, therefore most of them put their dumb ear over that, but this 4th Penguin update is known to be the next big thing,  as it goes much more deeper and effected a great number of web masters at the same time.

Reaction of intelligent Search Engine Optimizers:

Each and every intelligent Search engine optimizer has sensed that Google is going to launch its new Penguin update soon, so they limit their online activities as well as link building, hence allowing them to save themselves from any negative effects. Nobody knew what this new Penguin update will be all about; therefore they halt almost all of their SEO activities, so that they won’t fell a prey to ranking eating Penguin.

Matt Cutt’s Observation:

Matt Cutts had put their observations in front of the table that this new Penguin 2.0 is going to effect a little more than 2% of the English queries, but this new Penguin 2.0 did more than their expectations, as it effected 3.1% of the queries, which is surely a whole lot more than what they have expected.

So anyone who is looking for long lasting rankings should be looking deeply into Penguin, and should avoid Spam in every possible way, as now Google Algorithm is way much intelligent than it used to be.

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