Guerilla Marketing Strategies That Work

The first step in utilizing guerilla marketing strategies for your business understands what they are and why they are effective. A guerilla marketing strategy is one that combines a unique perspective and low-cost to produce and unconventional marketing method.

 Guerilla Marketing Strategies for small business

As a result of the new and “out of the box thinking” your business receives maximum results. This way of marketing is perfect for smaller businesses who desire to reach a larger audience without having to put up a lot of funds.

However, large companies also benefit with guerilla marketing by combining smaller grassroots advertising to coordinate with larger mass media campaigns they already have.

In order to incorporate guerilla marketing into your advertising campaign utilize these proven strategies:

· Be opinionated: Let your views or opinions be known on a controversial issue that is happening in the world. Be loud about how you feel about it, participate in discussions and let your views be heard. In order to take full advantage of this strategy you should be firm in your stance but willing to listen and consider other views.

· Spread the word with free products: Give away free samples or your products or services or hold a drawing or giveaway for a full sized item. This can help spread word of mouth and create a “buzz” about your company.

· Accept all your competition’s coupons: If you really want to create a stir add additional savings on top of the competitor’s ones. This strategy works for attracting customers who typically shop elsewhere.

· Do something bold: Get your company’s logo out there and flaunt it in public, go to a competitor’s event with free products advertising what you have to offer or anything else that may cause controversy and get your businesses name noticed and talked about.

· Offer potential customers free money: Use this strategy in coordination with accepting a free consultation or coming to your establishment during a special event.

While some of these strategies may seem risky, the point is they are typically low-cost and highly effective. In order to ensure your guerrilla marketing strategy is a success, ensure each of your tactics contains these characteristics:

· Let your creative juices flow. The reason these strategies work is because they are unconventional and “out of the box.” Without creativity in your marketing you are producing the same old thing that can quickly become annoying.

· Don’t by typical: Do something different that will demand attention.

· Your campaign doesn’t have to be huge to have a huge impact. When strategizing ideas for a guerrilla marketing campaign it is easy to create unrealistic plans, however, keep in mind sometimes the smaller something is, the more it gets noticed. How many advertisements have you ever seen on your drinking straw? However, isn’t this something you would notice right away? Being new and different does not mean being outrageous.

guerrilla marketing strategies

· Bring the products to consumers in an interactive way. This may be more difficult but if you can find a way to allow your potential customers to use or interact with your products you will create a much more effective campaign.

Did you know that as you go about your day you are exposed to over 1,500 advertising messages a day? Bigger, bolder and flashier is just not a concept that works in today’s society.

Instead you have to compile creative, new and different ideas to get your business attention. Be honest with smart, intelligent campaigns and catch the consumer off-guard. Provide the unexpected and see your business grow with guerrilla marketing strategies that have been proven successful for both small and large businesses.

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