He doesn’t get all of the credit | Baby PJpants

Gray is pretty crafty and makes The Beast a ton of stuff – but hey, he doesn’t get all of the credit! I do stuff too!

Okay, like here…see…one of my favorite things to do is PJ pants for Wes


shows you how to use an old T-shirt to make a pair of pants for a baby. Wes needed something a bit warmer for the increasingly chilly nights, so we went and got some fleece (with an animal print of course) and I whipped him up something in under 20 min.

Okay…and here. A fabric memory game set. Sort of a girly pattern, but I had some Amy Butler scraps laying around, and Wes needed an activity (he does really well with pairing the patterns, not so great at actually playing memory). Two simple squares sewn together. !

Then a twinkle, twinkle garland for his toddler bed. Kind of iffy on this one…(and don’t worry, that ribbon is tied tight and in multiple places, it isn’t going anywhere. Whileit seems weird that I put it at the top of his bed, but he is never at the top of his bed. He wiggles down, and if he is crying for us at night, he stands at the foot of his bed. The head board gets no play, except for maybe 2 min before he starts wiggling down).

Oh! I totally picked out fabrics for ! FINALY, right? Some of it has been ordered, like

(awesome right?) and ….other of it I still need to order, like

and , but the jist of the whole quilt is, it will be red, aqua, gray and covered in as many different animals as I can get my hands on.

But see, I pull my own weight around here!

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